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Ggaba is located in Kampala
Map of Kampala showing the location of Ggaba.
Coordinates: 00°15′45″N 32°37′46″E / 0.26250°N 32.62944°E / 0.26250; 32.62944
Country  Uganda
Region Central Uganda
District Kampala Capital City Authority
Division Makindye Division
Elevation 1,140 m (3,740 ft)
Time zone EAT (UTC+3)

Ggaba is a section of the city of Kampala in central Uganda.


Ggaba is located on the northern shores of Lake Victoria, at the southern tip of the city of Kampala. It is bordered by Murchison Bay in Lake Victoria to the south and east, the village of Kawuku to the northeast, Bbunga to the north, Buziga to the northwest and Munyonyo to the southwest. The coordinates of Ggaba are:0°15'45.0"N, 32°37'45.0"E (Latitude:0.262500; Longitude:32.629167). The road distance between Ggaba and the Kampala's central business district is approximately 11 kilometres (6.8 mi).[1][2]


Ggaba can be divided into the following major areas:

  • The Lake Shore. This is the southeastern part of Ggaba and includes:
    • A small beach
    • A landing dock for fishing boats
    • A fish market
    • A shopping center
    • A commercial resort with a private beach
    • Several bars and night spots
  • The Water Works. This is located in the southwestern part of the area and contains:
  • The residential Areas
    • Interspersed between the schools, universities and teaching institutions are the residential areas. The areas in the southern and western Ggaba are generally of low income housing while those further north and east are upscale because they offer a better view of the lake.[3]
  • The Medical Institutions
    • Jacky Medical Centre - Located at the northern tip of Ggaba
    • Wentz Medical Centre - Located in the northeastern part of Ggaba, close to Kampala University
    • Martyrs Family Clinic - Located in the southern part of Ggaba, close to the NWSC Staff Houses
    • Ggaba Community Health Centre - Located in the southern part of Ggaba, inside the low income residential area close to the NWSC Water Treatment Plant.[4]

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Coordinates: 00°15′45″N 32°37′46″E / 0.26250°N 32.62944°E / 0.26250; 32.62944