Ghadamès language

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Native to Libya
Region Ghadamès
Native speakers
12,000  (2006)[1]
Language codes
ISO 639-3 gha
Glottolog ghad1239[2]

Ghadamès is a language spoken mainly by some Libyan Berbers. It is spoken in Ghadames, a small oasis town near the Libyan border with Algeria and Tunisia. It is spoken by 10,000 people in Libya, and 2,000 elsewhere. It has two dialects, Ayt Waziten and Elt Ulid.

Aikhenvald and Militarev (1984) group it as Eastern Berber, and Kossmann (1999) specifically groups it together with Awjila. Ethnologue classifies it as East Zenati.


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