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List of Professional Leagues from Ghana under the Globacom Premier League.

Division One League (Poly Tank Division One League)[edit]

2011-2012 teams

Zone 2[edit]

Zone 3[edit]

Division Two League[edit]

2011-2012 teams

Division Three League[edit]

2011-2012 teams
  • Akotex FC (Tema)
  • Cornerstones
  • Dumas Boys of GTP (Tema)
  • Dunkwa-On-Offin Starke FC
  • Ghapoha FC
  • Great African United
  • Great Ashantis
  • Mankessim Striking Force
  • Neoplan Stars
  • Palma F.C.
  • S.C. Adelaide
  • Techiman Universal Stars
  • Thirds World
  • Voradep FC
  • Accra angels soccer academy
  • Sharp Arrows ((Kanda 441))


GHANA AMATEUR FOOTBALL CLUB OWNERS ASSOCIATION (GAFCOA) is an association of amateur (2nd, 3rd and juvenile) club Owners who have come together to seek the welfare and development of the named category and to produce quality players for the game of football in Ghana.

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