Ghana national cricket team

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Flag of Ghana
Flag of Ghana
ICC membership granted 2002
ICC member status Affiliate member
ICC development region Africa
World Cricket League division N/A
Captain Peter Ananya
Coach Bhupinder Brar
First recorded match 22 March 1939 (as Gold Coast) v Nigeria at Kumasi, Ghana
As of 31 July 2007

The Ghanaian cricket team is the team that represents the country of Ghana in international cricket matches. They became an affiliate member of the International Cricket Council in 2002 [1], having previously been part of the combined West Africa team.

Their international debut came in 2004, when they came third in the African affiliates championship. [2] They competed in the equivalent tournament in 2006, Division Three of the African qualifiers for the ICC World Cricket League, where they again finished third by again beating Malawi in the play-off match.

Recent Performances[edit]

The team of recent enjoyed both success and failures in their various tours within the African continent. Since 2005, the team has won only two competitions namely the U-15 West African Cricket Tournament in 2005 and the West-African Quadrangular Tournament in 2007.

Recently, the Ghanaian cricket team went on a tour from Nigeria to South Africa to play the North-West African Tournament and another affiliate tournament respectively.

Youth development[edit]

In the recent times, the Ghana Cricket Association has taken up a well-committed mission to promote the sport in Ghana. The results were seen with educational institutions like the University of Ghana, Ghana International School and Achimota School taking up the sport. There are also many tournaments that are organised to promote the game and raise more funds to support it in the still un-shored territories in the region. Fast Bowling is developing considerably well with Youth cricket in Ghana. In November 2011, Kaushik Manchella clocked a speed of 142kph for Ghana International School in a match against Achimota School.

Indian Involvement[edit]

Recently, the Indian community of Ghana has been very productive in assisting the national cricketing governing body to help improve the facilities in the game. Up-coming Indian-born players are also making it continuously in the team. The National team's current coach is Bhupinder Brar, an Indian National.[3]