Ghar Parau

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Ghar Parau
Location Zagros Mountains, Iran
Depth 751 m (2,464 ft) [1]
Length 1.36 km (0.85 mi)[2]
Discovery 1971
Geology Limestone
Difficulty High
Hazards Vertical pitch

Ghar Parau is a cave in the Zagros Mountains, north of Kermanshah in Western Iran.[3] It is the deepest cave in Iran.This cave was registered as a National Natural Monument by Mr. Farshad Fattahi in Department of Environment of Iran.


A British led caving expedition to the Zagros Mountains in 1971 led to the discovery of the cave. The cave was rapidly explored to a depth of -750m and was left with open passage. At the time the deepest cave in the world was the Reseau de la Pierre St-Martin with a depth of 1,174 m (3,852 ft), meaning that Ghar Parau was an excellent prospect for the deepest cave in the world.[4] The team returned the following year and passed their previous limit, but to their great disappointment the cave sumped almost immediately. To be "Ghar Paraued" became a term used in British caving for a small, disappointing breakthrough following great effort to discover new passage.


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