Ghastly's Ghastly Comic

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Ghastly's Ghastly Comic
Author(s) Ghastly
Current status / schedule Hiatus
Launch date 2001-05-05
Genre(s) Erotic, Parody

Ghastly's Ghastly Comic is a webcomic by Chris Cracknell, A.K.A. "Ghastly" or "Uncle Ghastly", dealing with anime fetish and paraphilias. One of the most notable themes is tentacle erotica, as the subtitle of the comic is "Tentacle Monsters and the Women Who Love Them".

In July 2006, the author suddenly announced that the comic was indefinitely suspended, later clarifying that this was due to a serious illness. The comic is currently on an artist-imposed hiatus.


The plot begins with two tentacle monsters (their origins are not specified), Glemph and Nort, who hang around in a Canadian bar, "The Spanked Monkey". As it progresses they meet several people who have trouble fitting into normal society because of their deviant behaviour or sexual preferences, for example Freddy who is a transgender version of James from Pokémon and Sue who is trapped in a chibi form. The comic features a variety of cultural phenomena: Chick Tracts, Cthulhu and of course, tentacle rape.


Chris Cracknell, also known as "Uncle Ghastly"

Chris Cracknell (born September 13, 1965) is a musician and webcartoonist, best known for this comic. He is also the leader of the band Science Ninja Big Ten, AKA Big Fake Heart Attack. Since 2009, he has been pursuing a career as a stage actor.[1] He has since appeared in seven plays, The Suicide, Trafford Tanzi, Fair Liberty's Call, Vieux Carre, Escape, Time and the Conways, and The Rocky Horror Show.[2] He is a resident of Hamilton, Ontario, Canada.


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