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Ghauri-III / Hatf-VIII
Type Intermediate-Range Ballistic Missile (IRBM)
Place of origin Pakistan Pakistan
Service history
In service Underdevelopment
Used by Pakistan
Production history
Manufacturer Kahuta Research Laboratories (KRL)
Warhead Conventional or nuclear

Engine Multi-stage liquid fuel rocket
Propellant Liquid fuel
3,000-3500 km[1]
Inertial guidance
Transporter erector launcher (TEL)

The Ghauri-III was an intermediate-range ballistic missile which was cancelled during its development stage. The Ghauri-III reportedly started development around 1999 with a planned range of over 3,000 km.[2][3][4] Few details were known, but Ghauri III was presumed to be road mobile, being transported and launched by a transporter erector launcher. The warhead, like other Pakistani ballistic missiles, was believed to be either conventional or nuclear and guided by an inertial guidance system. The missile never entered service.

In May 2004 it was rumoured that the missile would be tested in June of that year. No test occurred in that year. Similarly in 2009 it was again reported that missile would be tested in August of that year but again no test took place.[5][6][7]

Little public information was available about the missile until it was reported on 28 May 2011 that, according to the memoirs of Abdul Qadeer Khan published that day, the funding for the development of the Ghauri III missile system was stopped in May 2000 by then President Pervez Musharraf. Around 50% of the missile's development project was completed by that time.[8][9]

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