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Gazini (Marri)
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Sunni Islam
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Ghazini or Gazini (Balochi: غزینی ) is a sub clan of the Marri Baloch Tribe of Kohlu, Balochistan. The Marri Tribal Chief or Nawab belongs to this Sub Clan. Ghaznis mostly reside in and around Kohlu and Kahan areas of Marri Tuman. This clan has the honour of being the Chief Clan or Sardar Khel of the Marri Tribe. At present Mir Nawab Khair Buksh Khan Marri son of Nawab Mir Mehrullah Khan Marri is the Chief Sardar of the Marri Tribe and Tumandar of Marri Tuman.

Mir Haji Khan Marri, a prominent general of Mian Noor Muhammad Kalhora,also belonged to this branch of Marri tribe. He came from Kahan, area of Kohlu District, to become a recruit in Kalohora's army. Mir Haji Khan Marri is believed to be the man of great qualities; he was as brave as lion and as wise as Solomon.Due to his valour and Virtue he soon earned the respect amongst the army and Mian Noor Muhammad Kalhora, then emperor of Kalohora Dynasty, granted him the honour to assume the command of his armies and exalted him with the post of Senior Adviser. He accompanied Mian Noor Muhammad on many expeditions until his death. Mir Haji Khan Marri was martyred in the battle of Gerello 1699 A.D. To honour his gallantry the son of Mian Noor Muhammad Kalhoro made a tomb after him which is still located 40 km South West of Shahdadkot. Haji Khan Marri had 8 sons - Mir Ibrahim Khan (title Shah),Mir Masti Khan, Mir Hyder Khan,Mir Jaffar Khan, Mir Doulat Khan,Mir Shakal Khan, Mir Shadi Khan, and Mir Shahdad Khan - who inherited million acres of Jagir in Sindh. His descendents still have thousand acres of land expanding three districts Dadu, Sanghar and Mirpur Khas.