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Motto: Unity, Struggle, Progress

Ghazieh Skyline at Night
Ghazieh Skyline during the Day
Country  Lebanon
Governorate South State
District Saida District
 • Type Municipality
 • Total 6 sq mi (15 km2)
Population (2011)
 • Total 50,000
 • Religions Islam
Time zone EET (UTC+2)
 • Summer (DST) +3 (UTC)
Area code(s) 07

"Al Ghazieh" (الغازية) is a small city in South Lebanon, near the South's capital, the famous city Saida (Sidon). It has an area of about 15sq km. Ghazieh is a major economical city with a great number of factories, trading establishments, and is home to the industrial city in Sineeq. In addition a small port serves the city in exporting and importing goods. Ghazieh has a long coastline which has made the city a very important destination for the neighbouring villages. Ghazieh has about 50,000 residents including people who are not originally from there. Ghazieh is bordered with a number of villages in the southern and western side such as Qinnarit, Magdouche, Darb es Sim, Zaita, Aaqtanit, Maamriye, Zahrani.

Ghazieh Fireworks at night
Ghazieh Main Square, El Ein

The beach with many restaurants, serves as a touristic attraction for its residents and all people surrounding it. The corniche which will be completed in 2012 will further nourish the coastline area with many people gathering, walking, eating and enjoying their time near the beach. Ghazieh is home to very successful people such as doctors, businessmen, architects, teachers. Many Ghazieh established businesses have been very successful and have become International.

Ghazieh beach
Ghazieh From El Ein
Ghazieh Entrance

Ghazieh also serves as an educational hub for the area with many high quality schools. Both Public and private schools are available. Major streets include: Bashroun, Regy, Zambil, El Ain, El Baidar, El Rabta, El Mokhtar, Zehriye. In the past few years, many stores have opened making it a better place for shopping. Many restaurants and snacks are available serving very tasty food. Ghazieh has its own football team "Nadi al Shabab Al Reyadi El Ghazieh". For this reason football is a big thing for all the youth and even the older generation. Three Football fields are there to train the football lovers in addition to other 2 gyms. Ghazieh at summer becomes a vibrant place, full of action. People go out, enjoy their nights, invite people over. Children enjoy their summer away from their books. The best part is the beach where you can see people from 5am until 1am.