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A view of towers in Qeytarieh
The statue of Amir Kabir in Qeytarieh Park.
Shariati street lower Qeytarieh intersection.

Qeytarieh (also spelled Gheytarieh) is a district, in northeastern Tehran's city limits, within the larger Shemiran district. Qeytarieh has about 150,000 residents.

Qeytarieh is famous for a large park with the same name. Qeytarieh Park was once the home of a Qajar Dynasty minister, Amir Kabir. Qeytarie is known for its many restaurants, including fast food, found along Qeytarieh Street.

Qeytarieh's neighbouring districts are: Kaveh, Hekmat, Chizar, Doulat, Dibaji, and Darrous.

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Coordinates: 35°47′30″N 51°27′03″E / 35.79162°N 51.45093°E / 35.79162; 51.45093