Ghim Moh Bus Terminal

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Coordinates: 1°18′41.0″N 103°47′21.0″E / 1.311389°N 103.789167°E / 1.311389; 103.789167

Ghim Moh Bus Terminal
Terminal Bas Ghim Moh


Commencement date: 1986
Number of services: 3
Operator: SBS Transit

Ghim Moh Bus Terminal (Chinese: 锦茂巴士终站) is a bus terminal located in Ghim Moh along Ghim Moh Road with a small bus park behind the terminal. The terminal is now one of the few surviving terminals of the 1970s era in which it was common for terminals to be built along the roadside with only a small booth for bus captains to report to when completing their duties. The terminal allows boarding and alighting activities at a bus stop along the terminal and serves the residents of Buona Vista and Ghim Moh as well as those in the Mount Sinai.

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