Ghod Dod Road

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Ghod Dod Road is one of the main posh roads of Surat. The road was remade in the 1980s, which turned the road into a major shopping hub of Surat. Ghod dod means horse racing in Gujarati, thus Ghod Dod Road can be translated into English as "Horse Racing Road". The name originated in the 1900s, when horse racing events took place on the road.

Many major malls, restaurants and shopping centres of Surat like Sarela Shopping Centre, Jolly Arcade, Rangila Park, Regent Mall, G3, Chocolate Mall are located on this road. The best ladies boutiques are situated here which are well known in Surat and nearby towns like RAMA'S Haute Couture, Tambour, Tamrind, Aquarians etc. are located here.

The road is most well known for its high quality lifestyle.