Ghomara language

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Native to Morocco
Ethnicity Ghomara
Native speakers
ca. 10,000  (2004)[1]
Language codes
ISO 639-3 gho

The language of the Ghomara people is a Northern Berber language spoken by approximately 10,000 people in Morocco near Tetouan and Chaouen.[1] Ghomara Berber is spoken on the western edge of the Rif in Morocco.[3] It is spoken in at least the douar of Amtiqan and its immediate neighborhood, just west of Oued Ouringa, and is still being passed on to children in these areas.[4] However, it is spoken by only a small minority of the Ghomara; even in 1931, only one of their eight tribes, the Beni Bu Zra, continued to speak it.[5] It is relatively similar to Senhadja de Srair Berber spoken around Ketama, but is difficult to understand for a speaker of Riffias.

Some typical features which show the difference with Riffian are the use of the preposition dar instead of Riffian ghar, the feminine plural ending -an instead of -in, and the absence of spirantisation in word-initial position.[5]


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