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Ghost Blogging Platform Logo (2013).svg
Developer(s) Ghost Foundation
Initial release October 14, 2013 (2013-10-14)
Stable release 0.5.2 / September 25, 2014 (2014-09-25)
Preview release 0.5.0RC1 / August 1, 2014 (2014-08-01)
Development status Active
Operating system Cross-platform
Platform Node.js
Type Blog software
License MIT License (Open-Source)

Ghost is an open-source blogging platform created by founders John O'Nolan and Hannah Wolfe under the non-profit Ghost Foundation. The software is currently maintained by the Ghost Foundation and contributors via a code repository on GitHub.


Ghost was conceptualised by John O'Nolan in a blog post outlining his thoughts of a light blogging-oriented modification for WordPress,.[1] After receiving overwhelmingly positive feedback, a crowd-funded Kickstarter campaign was launched.

On May 28, 2013, the project was successfully funded through the Kickstarter campaign and achieved £196,362 of a £25,000 goal from 5,236 backers.[2] Ghost was officially released to the public on October 14, 2013 and is still in development.[3]

Business model[edit]

The Ghost blogging software is free to download and use. Alongside the software, however, is an optional hosting service whereupon users can pay a price for their Ghost blog to be hosted by the company.[4] Many third-party companies are providing free or paid themes specifically for Ghost such as WooThemes, MarketPress and Envato.[5][6]


Ghost is coded in Node.js, a server-side JavaScript execution engine, based on Google's V8. The interface is intended to be simple, and an analytics dashboard is planned, as of January 2014.[7] Editing is facilitated using a split screen display.[8] The installer was developed using Bitnami's open source packet management system.[9]


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