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Ghost Box Music
Founded 2004
Founder Julian House
Jim Jupp
Genre Electronic
Musique concrète
Library music
Country of origin UK
Official website Ghost Box Music

Ghost Box Music is an English independent record label, established in 2004 by Julian House and Jim Jupp.


The concept for the label was hatched by House and Jupp (who attended the same school[1] ) in 2003; a manifesto of influences was compiled, which included "music for schools, cosmic horror stories, library music, English surrealism, and the dark side of psychedelia".[2] In 2004, the first The Focus Group and Belbury Poly releases became available on CD-R. House and Jupp have stated the purpose of the label was to create "not just a record label, but an imaginary world".[3]

In an interview with Cyclic Defrost, Jim Jupp commented;

Part of a theme that’s ongoing in all the Belbury Poly records, and I think all of the Ghost Box records (...) is a tradition of British science fiction, where you’ve got on the one hand the setting of a very traditional background, with very ancient things, but you’ve got this weird, cosmic stuff happening at the same time. A lot of old British sci-fi books – John Wyndham, for instance – have these really mundane, quaint little village settings, but all of a sudden something really freaky and cosmic appears in the middle of it.[1]


Ghost Box had a defined aesthetic from formation; Julian House commenting:

...the best way to put our stuff out was to start a label.. There was such a richness to the references we both shared, not just musical.. It made sense that we could put releases out which had this complete world attached to them.. A set of things united by a design identity, fragments of real or imagined books, collections of images, films, links... Something people can become lost in and want to be a part of.."[4]

Releases on the label (currently encompassing The Focus Group, Eric Zann, Belbury Poly, Roj, Pye Corner Audio and The Advisory Circle, and a rerelease of a Mount Vernon Arts Lab album) tend to share a common design aesthetic - all record covers so far have been by Julian House, with an acknowledged debt to the iconic design of sixties Penguin Books paperbacks.[5] There are shared elements in sound, too; Ghost Box artists tend to draw heavily on influences such as musique concrète, library music, and 1970s soundtracks. Several critics have noticed a melancholic or nostalgic element to the Ghost Box sound as well, prompting comparison to the shorter, 'interlude' tracks of Boards of Canada, or similar folk or psychedelia-influenced electronic musicians.[6]


  • GBX001 Belbury Poly - Farmer's Angle (2005) 3" CD EP
  • GBX002 The Focus Group - Sketches and Spells CD
  • GBX003 Belbury Poly - The Willows (2005) CD
  • GBX004 Eric Zann - Ouroborindra (2005) CD
  • GBX005 The Focus Group - Hey Let Loose Your Love (2005) CD
  • GBX006 The Advisory Circle - Mind how you go (2005) 3" CD EP
  • GBX007 Belbury Poly - The Owl's Map (2006) CD
  • GBX008 The Focus Group - We are all Pan's People (2007) CD
  • GBX009 Mount Vernon Arts Lab - The Séance at Hobs Lane (2007) CD
  • GBX010 The Advisory Circle - Other Channels (2008) CD
  • GBX011 Belbury Poly - From an Ancient Star (2009) CD
  • GBX012 Roj - The Transactional Dharma of Roj (2009) CD
  • GBX013 The Advisory Circle - Mind How You Go (Revised Edition) (2010) CD/LP
  • GBX014 Belbury Poly - Farmer's Angle (Revised Edition) (2010) CD/10"
  • GBX015 The Advisory Circle - As The Crow Flies (2011) CD/LP
  • GBX016 Belbury Poly - The Belbury Tales (2012) CD/LP
  • GBX017 Pye Corner Audio - Sleep Games (2012) CD/LP
  • GBX018 The Focus Group - The Elektrik Karousel (2013) CD/LP

Seven Inch Singles

  • GBX701 Belbury Poly and Moon Wiring Club - Study Series 01: Youth and Recreation (2010)
  • GBX702 The Advisory Circle with Hong Kong in the 60s - Study Series 02: Cycles and Seasons (2010)
  • GBX703 Belbury Poly and Mordant Music - Study Series 03: Welcome to Godalming (2010)
  • GBX704 Broadcast and The Focus Group - Study Series 04: Familiar Shapes and Noises (2010)
  • GBX705 Hintermass - Study Series 05: The Open Song Book (2011)
  • GBX706 Johnny Trunk - Study Series 06: Animation and Interpretation (2011)
  • GBX707 Pye Corner Audio with The Advisory Circle - Study Series 07: Autumnal Activities (2011)
  • GBX708 Belbury Poly and The Advisory Circle - Study Series 08: Inversions (2012)
  • GBX709 Listening Center with Pye Corner Audio - Study Series 09: Projections (2013)

Download only label sampler album

  • GBXSAMP01 Various - Ritual and Education (2008)

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