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Ghosting may refer to:

  • Ghosting (identity theft), a form of identity theft, whereby a person takes on the identity of a deceased person
  • Ghosting (incarceration), repeatedly moving a prisoner through different institutions to avoid scrutiny, or because the prisoner has become unmanageable
  • Ghosting (television), a double image when receiving a distorted or multipath input signal in analog television broadcasting
  • Ghosting, a form of cheating in online games
  • "Ghosting", a song by the band Mother Mother from their album O My Heart
  • Key ghosting, a phenomenon where multiple simultaneous key presses on a computer keyboard can result in incorrectly registered keystrokes
  • Ghostwriting, the practice of producing written material that is credited to another person
  • Ghosting or comment ghosting, a practice used by some online community managers for protecting a community against Internet trolls; see hellbanning

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