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Ghoul was also the name of a character from Malibu Comics; see Ghoul (Ultraverse)
The Ghoul
Publication information
Publisher Marvel Comics
First appearance Generation M #1 (2006)(behind the scenes);
Generation M #3 (2006);(named)
Generation M #5 (2006) (seen)
Created by Ramon Bachs and Paul Jenkins
In-story information
Alter ego unrevealed
Species Human Mutant
Abilities Teleportation,
Energy blasts,
Superhuman strength

Ghoul is a fictional mutant character in the Marvel Comics Universe. He was mentioned in Generation M #1, but he actually debuted in Generation M #5, along with his last appearance being in Generation M #5.

Fictional character biography[edit]

The Ghoul was a mutant who was still empowered following the restoration of reality after it was warped by the Scarlet Witch, the M-Day. Coming to believe that he was pure and that mutants who lost their powers were tainted, the Ghoul set about murdering ex-mutants.[1] Wanting his story to be told, the Ghoul alerted reporter Sally Floyd to the murders.[2] Seeking to put a stop to the carnage, Floyd convinced the mutant Archangel to help lure the Ghoul into the open by using himself as bait. The plan worked, and the X-Men were able to rescue Sally Floyd as Cyclops blew up the tower. The Ghoul was reported to have been arrested after that.[3]

Powers and abilities[edit]

Ghoul is a mutant with a pyrotechnic power who can also teleport short distances (though this causes him pain to do so), can subconsciously disrupt telepathy, had superhuman strength and was able to fire energy blasts. The Ghoul also possesses a stunted third arm.


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