Ghughu-danga Zamindar Bari

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Ghughudanga Zamindar Bari Gate

Ghughudanga Zamindar, literally Ghughudanga Royal Family, was a zamindari (aristocrat) in present day Dinajpur, which was ruled by the dynasty of four generations of Zamindar from the late 17th century till the mid-20th century. A democratic government took power after the end of the British Monarchy’s rule in India. In 1950, the East Pakistan government abolished aristocracies and the zamindari system in present day Bangladesh. Ghughu-danga Zamindar Palace was the official residential palace and seat of the Ghughu-danga Zamindar Family. It is situated on the banks of the Punarbhaba River and six mile away from Dinajpur sadar at Auliapur Union in Dinajpur.

Ghughudanga Zamindar Estate[edit]

During the last part of the British rule, Ghugudanga Estate was the most important amongst the Muslim Zemindars within undivided Dinajpur district comprising 30 police stations. It is known that the annual lease amount of this Estate stood to the tune of Taka one lakh that time. There were 41 Tehsils and about 80 Peyadas (Process Servers) and Barkandaz (Footmen) within Ghugudanga Estate area covering 11 Police Stations including Dinajpur Sadar Upazila, Gangarampur, Kushmandi (community development block), Raiganj, Kaliaganj, Itahar (community development block), Pirganj Upazila, Thakurgaon District, Biral Upazila, Bochaganj Upazila and Malda district (Raio-Muchia). There once stood two old office buildings (Kuthibari) in Eidgah Residential Area just to the east of Dinajpur Bara Maidan of Dinajpur Town; but the main residential building of Zeminder family was built at Ghugudanga village situated on the left bank of the river Punarbhaba which is 6 miles to the south of Dinajpur Town.

Valuable objects[edit]

  1. Golden Chair (made by gold) - Ghughudanga jamindar family donation in the National Museum Bangladesh.
  2. Artificial Cat fish (made by gold)
  3. Umbralla (made by silver)
  4. Hat pakha(made by silver)

Artificial cat fish, umbralla, Hat pakha and many rare valuable things were stolen in the Bangladesh Liberation War by the Pak Army.


It was constructed in the style of Indo-Saracenic Revival architecture.