Ghulam Muhammad Sultan Sahib

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Shahzada Sir Ghulam Muhammad Sultan Khan Sahib, KCSI (March 1795 in Seringapatam – 11 August 1872 in Russapagla, Calcutta) was the fourteenth son of Tipu Sultan.Deported to Calcutta in 1806 along with the remainder of his family seven years after the defeat and death of his father, he was eventually recognised by the Government of India as official head of the family and successor to his father. Knighted in 1870, he died two years later, aged 77, of dengue fever, the last surviving son of Tipu Sultan.

The Succession as Chief Representative of the Family of Tipu Sultan and Royal Family[edit]

Laid down by the Government of India, following Sir Ghulam Muhammad the succession was as follows:

1. Shahzada Ahmad Halim-us-Zaman Sahib (1812-12 November 1894), fourth son of Sir Ghulam Muhammad. Chief Representative from 11 August 1872-12 November 1894.

2. The Honourable ShahzadaMuhammad Farrukh Shah Sahib (1852-14 December 1896), fourth son of Ahmad Halim-us-Zaman Sahib. Chief Representative from 12 November 1894-14 December 1896.

4. Shahzada Muhammad Bakhtiar Shah, CIE (19 January 1864-2 January 1913). A grandnephew of Sir Ghulam Muhammad by his elder half-brother Shahzada Munir-ud-din Sultan Sahib. Magistrate, Sheriff of Calcutta and Fellow of Calcutta University. Chief Representative from 14 December 1896-2 January 1913.

5. Shahzada Muhammad Ghulam Shah, son of Shahzada Muhammad Farrukh Shah Sahib. Chief Representative 1913.

6. The Honourable Shahzada Ghulam Hussein Shah (d. 19 August 1936), son of Shahzada Muhammad Ghulam Shah. Chief Representative 1913-19 August 1936.

7. Shahzada Hyder Ali (d. 18 February 1983), son of Shahzada Ghulam Hussein Shah. Chief Representative 19 August 1936-18 February 1983.

8.His Highness Prince Ashif Ali Shah (born 1949), son of Shahzada Hyder Ali. Present Chief Representative since 18 February 1983. He is also Mutawalli to Prince Ghulam Mohammed Waqf Estate. Father of prince Sahibzada Firuz Ali Shah.