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Ghurki (Urdu: گھرکی ) is the name of a prominent political family in Punjab, Pakistan. The Ghurki are a clan of the Arain tribe. Their family village is also named as Ghurki.

Prominent Ghurkis[edit]

  • Asghar Ghurki (Former MNA)
  • Arshad Ghurki (Former MNA)
  • Khalid Javaid Ghurki (Former MNA, Parliamentary Secretary, Town Nazim of Wagah Town, Lahore, President PPP Lahore, Member of CEC PPP)
  • Mohsin Bilal Ghurki(Chairman GTTH)
  • Muhammad Yousaf Ghurki (Former Provincial Minister)
  • Muhammad Iqbal Ghurki (Former Provincial Minister)
  • Samina Khalid Ghurki (Former MNA,Former Federal Minister, President PPP Lahore, Member CEC PPP)
  • Farooq Yousuf Ghurki (Former Provincial Minister)

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