Giacomo Francesco Cipper

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Still life of fish and shellfish by Giacomo Francesco Cipper

Giacomo Francesco Cipper, also known as Il Todeschini, (Feldkirch, 1664 - Milan, 1736) was a German painter in Milan from 1696 to 1736.


Of German origin, he was active in Milan in the first half of the 18th century. Fertile painter of scenes of kind of formulation caravaggesca, his first attributed work is dated 1700; he operated in Lombardia and in Veneto ( Hunters and greengrocers , Modena, Gallery Campori; Farmers' family , Venice, Galleries of the academy). Subsequently the artist, perhaps under the influence of the Cerruti (some of whose works were once attributed to Cipper), conformed to the scrupulous surrender of the detail replacing it with a less illustrative vision, more sensitive to the games of light.[clarification needed]

His last known work is Self-portrait (1736, Hampton Court).

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