Gianfranco Terenzi

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Gianfranco Terenzi (born January 2, 1941) was a captain regent of San Marino[1][2] three times. He is a member of the San Marinese Christian Democratic Party.

His first term was with Rossano Zafferani (October 1987-April 1988). His second term was with Enzo Colombini from (October 2000-April 2001). His third term was with Loris Francini from April 2006 to October 2006.


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Preceded by
Renzo Renzi and Carlo Franciosi
Captain Regent of San Marino with Rossano Zafferani
October 1987–April 1988
Succeeded by
Umberto Barulli and Rosolino Martelli
Preceded by
Maria Domenica Michelotti and Gian Marco Marcucci
Captain Regent of San Marino with Enzo Colombini
October 2000–April 2001
Succeeded by
Luigi Lonfernini and Fabio Berardi
Preceded by
Claudio Muccioli and Antonello Bacciocchi
Captain Regent of San Marino with Loris Francini
April–October 2006
Succeeded by
current incumbent