Gianluigi Cavallo

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Gianluigi Cavallo
Background information
Also known as DjCavallo, Indyana, Lord Viper, Cabo, L'Eretico
Born (1968-08-09) August 9, 1968 (age 46)
Origin Parma, Italy
Genres Rock
Occupations Singer, guitarist
Years active 1999–Present
Associated acts VooDooClan, Litfiba
Website [1]

Gianluigi Cavallo (born 9 Aug 1968 in Parma, Italy) is an Italian singer, guitarist, composer, system integrator and programmer. He played in the band Litfiba from 1999 to 2006.[1]

The beginnings[edit]

While working as programmer, following his passion for music, Gianluigi Cavallo performed as DJ in different independent radios, becoming a valued singer in some of them. The nickname "Cabo" is a contraction from the Spanish form of his surname (Caballo).[2]
His record debut was in 1994 with the mix 12" Brooklyn in which there were three different versions of "Cavalcamix", a sort of electrodance medley of '50s rock music.[3] Some months later he produced a new mix 12" called "Indyana" with the dance piece A say baby, a revisitation of a riff from the song Black Betty by Ram Jam.[4]

Career with Litfiba[edit]

In 1999 he became singer and frontman of the popoular Italian rock band Litfiba. With them Cavallo wrote lyrics and music of Elettromacumba (2000), Insidia (2001), and Essere o sembrare (2005) winning 4 gold records and selling about 200,000 discs.[5]
During the period with the band Cavallo took place in many tours and two live albums.[6] The first of them, Live on Line, published in 2000, had also a free distribution by the search engine Lycos. For this, in Italy they were the forerunners in legally downloaded music.[7] Cabo announced his departure from Litfiba on November 2006 with an email sent to his fans.[8]

The radio adventure[edit]

From 1998 to 2002 he was the presenter of three radio programs: Time to Rock, where he broadcast rock classics of the past,[9] L'avvocato del diavolo(The Devil's Advocate), in which told the "mysterious and strange stories of the rock'n'roll"[10] and L'Eretico (the Heretic), a "trip through hystory, secrets, myths and legends".[11] From 2014 a lot of these radiophonic recordings became available via streaming, by himself Cabo, by Mixcloud.[12]

After Litfiba[edit]

In the period with Litfiba, Cavallo produced together with Carlo Barducci (Parsifal studios owner) the first album by the folk band Scaramouche[13] and of Morpin.[14] When he departed from Litfiba came back to informatics and now he is General Manager and co-founder of VirtualCom Interactive, one of the most important national software houses.[15] In Virtualcom he invented an advanced ePaper solution for mobile devices used by thousand Italian and international newspaper to show online the contents of the papery magazine.[16]


On November 8, 2014, after 7 years far from musical scenes, he published a videoclip where he plays a cover of Heroes by David Bowie.[17]



  • 1994 – Brooklyn (12" with alias "DJ Cavallo")
  • 1994 – A say Baby (12" with alias "Indyana")
  • 1995 – Il Patto
  • 2014 – Heroes (David Bowie cover)

Discography performing with Litfiba[edit]








  • 2000 – Elettromacumba
  • 2000 – Il giardino della follia
  • 2000 – Spia
  • 2001 – La stanza dell’oro
  • 2001 – Mr.Hyde
  • 2003 – Larasong

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