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For the coachbuilder, see Giannini Automobili. For persons named Giannini, see Giannini (surname). For the town of Anini, see Anini.

Giannini is a traditional fine musical instruments maker in Brazil.[1]

The company was founded in 1900 by Tranquillo Giannini, an Italian immigrant with luthier talents.[citation needed] Their first industrial plant was located at Av. Sao Joao in the city of São Paulo.

Today, Giannini's plant is located at Salto, a city in the state of São Paulo (not far from the capital).[citation needed] They currently produce nylon and steel stringed guitars, craviola, viola caipira, cavaquinho, mandolin, violins, electric guitars and basses and some accessories such as guitar tuners and guitar strings.


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