Gianpaolo Rosmino

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Gianpaolo Rosmino
Born 2 Jul 1888
Turin, Piedmont
Died 20 July 1982
Rapallo, Liguria
Other names Gian Paolo Rosmino
Occupation Actor
Years active 1913–1965 (film)

Gianpaolo Rosmino (1888–1982) was an Italian actor and film director. Rosmino enjoyed a lengthy screen career. Aafter making his debut in the silent era in 1913 he appeared in over eighty films and television series up to 1965. He played a prominent role in the 1913 silent Love Everlasting, one of the two most famous Italian early silent films.[1] His is sometimes credited as Gian Paolo Rosmino.

He played the title role in the 1935 film Don Bosco.

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