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Giants Live
The official logo of Giants Live
Tournament information
Location Various
Established 2009
Format Multi-event competition
Purse varies

Giants Live is The Official Worlds Strongest Man Qualifying Tour. It was created in 2009 as the official Tour that qualifies strongmen to compete in the annual World's Strongest Man contest. At each Grand Prix up to twelve international strongman come together and compete over six events. The top 3 at each contest gain an invitation to compete in the World's Strongest Man contest for that same year.


On April 27, 2009 Giants Live was named the Official World's Strongest Man Qualifying Tour for 2009–2011, thus taking over from the Strongman Super Series in this regard. The first 2009 qualifying event took place on May 17 at the Mohegan Sun Casino Arena in Uncasville, Connecticut, and with the second event being the Viking Power competition.[1]

Giants Live was licensed the exclusive rights by IMG Sports Media, the creator and owner of the World’s Strongest Man competition. Previously, the qualifying tournament was known as the IFSA Strongman Super Series from 2001-2004, and the World’s Strongest Man Super Series from 2005-2008. Strongman Super Series continued to operate under the tile of "Strongman Super Series" in 2009 and 2010, but did not have WSM qualifying status. The Qualifying status went with Giants Live and Colin Bryce, the Tour's producer.

At each Grand Prix event, in common with previous such series, each competitor competes in six different tests of strength with the winner crowned Grand Prix Champion. The top three athletes at each tournament win a qualifying slot at the World’s Strongest Man final.

Along with the Strongman Champions League, this event made important progress in acting as a fundamental part of a unifying movement for world strength athletics by making plans to help SCL get its athletes to the 2009 World's Strongest Man contest. SCL chief, Mostert, stated that "The top 5 SCL athletes will have places in the Giants Live tour for qualifying at World's Strongest Man (WSM) 2009". In addition, he also stated that wild cards for the WSM will include SCL athletes. He went on to say that "Finally we made it all possible again that all the athletes have chances to qualify for the WSM, which means in my opinion the WSM will have the strongest field ever in her history!". He went on to thank TWI/IMG and Giants Live for their part in making these possibilities. This was groundbreaking because for a number of years prior to this, the athletes under the IFSA had been banned by the federation from entering WSM (since the IFSA fell out of favour with TWI). Likewise, the athletes invited to participate in WSM were not invited to participate in IFSA events. Some competitions bridged the divide, such as the Arnold Strongman Classic and more recently Fortissimus, but neither had the history or gravitas, or indeed popular appeal of the iconic World's Strongest Man. The IFSA athletes, with the demise of the IFSA finances, almost all competed in SCL from 2008. This deal, along with the Fortissimus deal before it, united strongman in a way it had not been since 2004.


Giants Live is a collaboration between IMG Media and Power Productions UK - owned by Colin Bryce:

Event Results[edit]


Year Champion Runner-Up 3rd Place Location
Mohegan Sun Grand Prix 2009[2]
17 May 2009
United States Derek Poundstone United States Travis Ortmayer United States Brian Shaw United States Mohegan Sun Casino Arena, Connecticut
Viking Power Challenge 2009[3]
6 June 2009
United States Travis Ortmayer Norway Richard Skog Russia Mikhail Koklyaev Norway Stavanger, Norway
Giants Live Poland[4]
1 August 2009
Poland Jarek Dymek United Kingdom Mark Felix Iceland Stefan Solvi Petursson Poland Malbork, Poland


Year Champion Runner-Up 3rd Place Location
Giants Live-South Africa
10 April 2010[5]
United States Brian Shaw Russia Mikhail Koklyaev United Kingdom Terry Hollands South Africa Johannesburg, South Africa
Giants Live-Kiev
30 May 2010[6]
United States Derek Poundstone United Kingdom Laurence Shahlaei Sweden Johannes Arsjo Ukraine Kiev, Ukraine
Giants Live-London
19 June 2010
Europe's Strongest Man 2010
Lithuania Zydrunas Savickas United Kingdom Terry Hollands United Kingdom Mark Felix England London, England
Giants Live-Poland
8 August 2010[7]
Lithuania Vytautas Lalas Poland Robert Szczepanski Poland Janusz Kulaga Poland Poland
Giants Live-Istanbul
24 October 2010[8]
Lithuania Zydrunas Savickas United States Brian Shaw Iceland Stefan Solvi Petursson Turkey Istanbul, Turkey


Year Champion Runner-Up 3rd Place Location
Giants Live-London
March 19, 2011[9]
United States Brian Shaw United Kingdom Laurence Shahlaei Lithuania Vytautas Lalas England London, England
Giants Live-Poland
August 6, 2011[10]
Poland Krzysztof Radzikowski United States Mike Jenkins Poland Mateusz Baron Poland Stróże, Poland
Giants Live-Finland
August 13, 2011[11]
Austria Martin Wildauer Lithuania Vidas Blekaitis Estonia Rauno Heinla Finland Vaasa, Finland
Giants Live-Ukraine
August 24, 2011[12]
Ukraine Sergey Romanchuk England Mark Felix United States Josh Thigpen Ukraine Poltava, Ukraine

Giants Live 2011 Finnish qualifiers[edit]

  • Giants Live teamed with Strongman Champions League in 2011 to set up 4 qualifying events to gain entry in the Giants Live Finland event. The events were open only to Finnish athletes.[13]
Year Champion Runner-Up 3rd Place Location

May 13, 2011[14]
Finland Juha Matti Jarvi Finland Antti Mourujärvi Finland Pedro Karlsson Finland Pori, Finland

May 21, 2011[15]
Finland Juha Matti Jarvi Finland Kai Pasanen Finland Jarno Kirselä Finland Masku, Finland

May 28, 2011[16]
Finland Juha Matti Jarvi Finland Jarno Kirselä Finland Kai Pasanen Finland Jyväskylä, Finland

June 14, 2011[17]
Finland Juha Matti Jarvi Finland Jarno Kirselä Finland Janne Illikainen Finland Oulu, Finland
  • The top 4 Finnish athletes to qualify for the Giants Live Finland event on August 13, 2011 were:[17]
Position Name Country Points
1. Juha Matti Jarvi Finland 60
2. Jarno Kirselä Finland 44
3. Kai Pasanen Finland 30
4. Tomi Lotta(via SCL series) Finland 17


Year Champion Runner-Up 3rd Place Location
Giants Live-Australia
March 17, 18 2012[18]
United States Mike Jenkins United States Nick Best United States Mike Burke Australia Melbourne, Australia
Giants Live-Finland
June 10, 2012[19]
United Kingdom Laurence Shahlaei Sweden Johannes Arsjo Estonia Lauri Nami Finland Tampere, Finland
Giants Live-Hungary
June 17, 2012[20]
Hungary Akos Nagy England Jack McIntosh United States Josh Thigpen Hungary Budapest, Hungary
Giants Live-England
June 23, 2012
Europe's Strongest Man 2012[21]
Lithuania Zydrunas Savickas Lithuania Vytautas Lalas United Kingdom Laurence Shahlaei England Leeds, England
Giants Live-Poland
July 21, 2012[22]
Poland Krzysztof Radzikowski Poland Mateusz Baron Poland Sebastian Kurek Poland Kartuzy, Poland


Year Champion Runner-Up 3rd Place Location
Giants Live-Australia
March 9, 10 2013[23]
United States Derek Poundstone United States Nick Best South Africa Frankie Scheun Australia Melbourne, Australia
Giants Live-Hungary
June 22, 2013[24]
United States Mike Burke England Eddy Hall Norway Bjorn Andre Solvang Hungary Budapest, Hungary
Giants Live-England
June 29, 2013
Europe's Strongest Man 2013[25]
Lithuania Žydrūnas Savickas Lithuania Vytautas Lalas Poland Krzysztof Radzikowski England Leeds, England
Giants Live-Norway
July 6, 2013
Nordic Championships 2013[26]
Sweden Johannes Arsjo Norway Ole Martin Hansen Finland Juha Matti Jarvi Norway Norway
Giants Live-Poland
Aug. 3, 2013[27]
Lithuania Vytautas Lalas Poland Krzysztof Radzikowski Estonia Lauri Nami Poland Poland
Giants Live-Gateshead
Aug. 3, 2013[27]
England Laurence Shahlaei United States Jerry Pritchet England Terry Hollands England Gateshead,. England


Year Champion Runner-Up 3rd Place Location
Giants Live-Australia (FitX 2014)
March 8 2014[28]
Iceland Hafþór Júlíus Björnsson Australia Warrick Brant South Africa Frankie Scheun Australia Melbourne, Australia
Giants Live-England (British Open Championships)
March 16, 2014
England Eddy Hall England Graham Hicks England Laurence Shahlaei England Doncaster Dome, Doncaster, England
Giants Live-Norway (World's Strongest Viking)
April 5, 2014
Iceland Hafþór Júlíus Björnsson Sweden David Nystrom England Terry Hollands Norway Norway
Giants Live-Poland
May 2, 2014
Lithuania Zydrunas Savickas Poland Mateusz Baron Poland Rafal Kobylarz Poland Dolina Charlotty, Poland
Giants Live-Hungary
June 21, 2014
United States Jason Bergmann Slovenia Matjaz Belsak England Eddie Hall Hungary Budapest,Hungary
"Europe's Strongest Man 2014"
Aug 9, 2014
Iceland Hafþór Júlíus Björnsson Sweden Johannes Arsjo England Graham Hicks England Leeds, England


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