Giants of the Prairies

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Giants of the Prairies is a song by the Canadian polka band, the Kubasonics.

It tells the story of the numerous "world's biggest" roadside attractions to be found in Western Canada, especially in small towns populated mostly by Ukrainian Canadians.

Brian Cherwick, the leader of the Kubasonics, has a Ph.D. from the Centre for Ukrainian Canadian Studies at the University of Manitoba, titled "Polkas on the Prairies: Ukrainian Music and the Construction of Identity".

List of giant roadside attractions in the Prairies[edit]

Attraction Community Image
World's Largest Blue Heron Barrhead, Alberta
World's Largest Softball Chauvin, Alberta
World's Largest Oil Lamp Donalda, Alberta
World's Largest Dinosaur Drumheller, Alberta
Drumheller T-rex
World's Largest Geese Hanna, Alberta
World's Largest Border Markers Lloydminster
Battle between Bear and Swan Swan Hills, Alberta
World's largest Badminton Racket St. Albert, Alberta
World's largest Beaver Beaverlodge, Alberta
Beaverlodge beaver
World's largest Bucking Saddle Bronc and Rider, "The Legacy" Ponoka, Alberta
World's largest bunnock Macklin, Saskatchewan
World's largest Chuckwagon Dewberry, Alberta
World's largest kubasa Mundare, Alberta
Mundare kubasa
World's largest Mallard Duck Andrew, Alberta
World's largest Mushroom Vilna, Alberta
World's largest Oil Derrick Redwater, Alberta
World's largest Piggy Bank Coleman, Alberta
World's largest Putter Bow Island, Alberta
World's largest Sundial Lloydminster
World's tallest teepee Medicine Hat, Alberta
Medicine Hat Saamis
World's largest Wagon Wheel and Pick Fort Assiniboine, Alberta
World's largest Western Boot Edmonton, Alberta
Giant Horse Irricana, Alberta
David Thompson Monument Lac La Biche, Alberta
Giant Pumpkin Smoky Lake, Alberta
World's First UFO Landing Pad St. Paul, Alberta
Giant perogy Glendon, Alberta
Vegreville egg Vegreville, Alberta
Vegerville pysanka
Giant potatoes Vauxhall, Alberta
Vauxhall potatoes
Large replica of the Star Trek starship USS Enterprise Vulcan, Alberta
Enterprise replica in Vulcan
Giant gopher Torrington, Alberta
World's largest Mosquito Komarno, Manitoba
The Happy Rock Gladstone, Manitoba
World's largest painting on an easel (reproduction of Van Gogh's Sunflowers) Altona, Manitoba
Canada's Largest Baseball Bat Battleford, Saskatchewan[1]
Canada's Largest Buffalo Wainwright, Alberta
Canada's Largest Dragonfly Wabamun, Alberta
World's Largest Coke Can Portage la Prairie, Manitoba