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Ranga Swamy Gundam near Giddalur
Ranga Swamy Gundam near Giddalur
Giddaluru is located in Andhra Pradesh
Location in Andhra Pradesh, India
Coordinates: 15°21′00″N 78°55′00″E / 15.3500°N 78.9167°E / 15.3500; 78.9167Coordinates: 15°21′00″N 78°55′00″E / 15.3500°N 78.9167°E / 15.3500; 78.9167
Country  India
State Andhra Pradesh
District Prakasam
Elevation 253 m (830 ft)
Population (2006)
 • Total appro 30,000
 • Official Telugu
Time zone IST (UTC+5:30)
PIN 523357
Telephone code code-08405
Vehicle registration ap 27

Giddaluru or Giddalur is a Nagar Panchayat and mandal in Prakasam district, Andhra Pradesh, India.


Giddalur is Located on the Ongole - Nandyal Highway. Giddalur is located at 15°21′00″N 78°55′00″E / 15.3500°N 78.9167°E / 15.3500; 78.9167.[1] It has an average elevation of 253 meters (833 ft).

Giddalur is a municipality, and had population of 54,855 in 2011 census.[2] Giddalur is near the border of Kurnool district and Cuddapah district. We have four theateres available in Giddalur town. Giddalur is very nearer to Nallamalla Forest (Beautiful places in the forest).

Ν==Assembly Constituency== Giddalur is an assembly constituency in Andhra Pradesh. Giddaluru organization

  • 2014 - Sri Muthumulla Ashok Reddy (YSR Congress Party)

List of Elected Members:[3]

  • 1952 - Sri.Pidathala Ranga Reddy(Indian National Congress)
  • 1957 - Sri.Pidathala Ranga Reddy(Indian National Congress)
  • 1962 - Sri.Edula Balarami Reddy(independent)
  • 1967 - Sri.Pandu Ranga Reddy(independent)
  • 1972 - Sri.Pidathala Ranga Reddy(Indian National Congress)
  • 1978 - Sri.Pidathala Ranga ReddyIndependent)
  • 1983 - Sri.Mudiam Peera Reddy(Telugudesam)
  • 1985 - Sri.Pidathala Ranga Reddy(Telugudesam)
  • 1989 - Sri.Yalluri Venkata Reddy(Indian National Congress)
  • 1994 - Sri.Pidathala Rambhupal Reddy(Telugudesam)
  • 1999 - Sri.Pidathala Vijayakumar Reddy(Telugudesam)
  • 2001 - Smt.Pidathala Sai Kalpana Reddy(Telugudesam)
  • 2004 - Sri.Pagadala Ramaiah(Indian National Congress)
  • 2009 - Sri.Anna Venkata Ram Babu(Praja Rajyam Party )
  • 2014 - Sri Muthumulla Ashok Reddy(YSR Congress Party)

Sri.Pidathala Ranga Reddy worked as honourable Financial Minister & assembly speaker for Andhra Pradesh when he was in congress party. The great P. V. Narasimha Rao was elected as Prime Minister from Nandyal parliament in which Giddaluru is an Assembly Constituency. Giddaluru website

giddalur Munucipality[edit]


Giddalur has a good lot of both Government and private educational institutes.

Giddalur is center of studies for all villages around Giddalur. There are very old and best schools in Giddalur:

  1. Zilla Parishad High School - Boys
  2. Zilla Parishad High School - Girls
  3. SV Arts and Science College
  4. Montessori Public School
  5. Sri Vijayavani English Medium School
  6. Ashajyothi Public School
  7. Arunodaya Public School
  8. Veenadhari Public School
  9. Giddalur public school
  10. Madhava Reddy e-techno School
  11. Chanakya residential School
  12. Arunateja children school
  13. Surya Vidya Niketan
  14. Anusha Public School
  15. Prasna Coaching Center
  16. Mother Terissa Memorial School
  17. St.Bridget's School

Colleges are as follows

  1. P.R.R Polytechnic College(Diploma)
  2. Sahiti Junior College
  3. Srinivasa Degree college
  4. Sai Vikram Junior college
  5. Sri Vivekananda Junior&Degree colleges
  6. Rajarajeswari college of education[B.Ed]
  7. St.Paul's college of education [B.Ed,M.Ed,D.Ed]
  8. Sri Sai Chaitanya Junior College
  9. SVJR college(Very Old College)
  10. Sai Sri Mahila Junior College
  11. Sri JeevanaJyothi Junior&Degree colleges

Historical places[edit]

  • Giddalur itself is a holy place where we had very old temple "Patala Nageswara swamy temple" where many siddathas prayed for god. The main god in this temple will seen in underground (patala)
  • One more temple "Sitarama swamy temple" in old budvel/ Veeranna bhavi street where sitarama kalyanam will celebrated every year
  • There was an old temple in krishnam setty palle it was 5 km at beside the nandyal to giddalur highway it is "bheema lingeswara swami temple".
  • Sri Nemiligundla Rangaswami Temple J P Cheruvu, near Nalamala Forest with great water falls (Rangaswami gundam), Its one of the state greatest Temple, and tourism spot.
  • Sri Kodanda Rama Swami Temple located at Burujupalli holds an annual Srirama Navami festival bull fight (edla pandelu), organized on grand scale.
  • Sri Jeevana Murthy Swami Temple Located at Anumula Palli Village is very famous temple.
  • Surabehswara Kona is one of the historical places near to Giddalur where Ravana made pooja for 100,000 Shivalinga at the time of his return journey to Lanka with Sita.
  • Cumbhum Lake is very famous tourist location.
  • Ramapuram: There is also a famous temple called, Sri Sidhi Bharaveshwara Temple which is 15 km from Giddalur. It exactly falls in between cumbum and Giddalur. It is accessible by both Rail and Road.
  • Cumbum tank is the historical irrigation man made tank formed by damming the Gundlakamma river by earthen bund, which is the highest in the Presidency (80 ft), with 100 yards length. The tank spread over an area of 9 square miles (23 km2), and irrigates 6,944 acres (28.10 km2) with over 3,500 acres (14 km2) is second cropped in a good year.A more successful work is the Cumbum tank, formed under native rule by damming a gorge of the Gundlakamma river.
  • Pathala Nageshwara Swamy temple is located in Giddalur, in which the statue of Lord Siva is in a cave. Celebrations are held here at every festival.
  • Nemaligundla Rangaswamy temple is another major temple 30 kilometers away from Giddalur. There is a lake here.
  • There is a pleasant train route from Giddalur to Nandyal, which goes through a tunnel for about 1.5 kilometres and this tunnel is a straight one tunneled though huge rocks and hills.
  • Giddalur's the place which is situated in the pleasant embrace of the great Nallamala forest which is the primary forest region in Andhra Pradesh.
  • There was an old and famous "CHENNA KESHVA SWAMY TEMPLE " in yadavalli (7 km from giddalur)
  • There was an old and famous "siva temple" in satyavolu (6 km from giddalur)

Faith Tribal Welfare Christian Trust in Oddulavagapalle.

  • Sagileru flows in this place which is tributary of pennar.
  • Worlds biggest Nandi (bull) statue at Mahanandi is very near by place to visit for pilgrims.
  • There was old and famous Lord SIVA TEMPLE in Mundlapadu village which is 6 km from Giddaluru


  • There are many villages surrounding giddalur which are as follows
  1. Modam Palli (Giddalur 10 th ward and 2 KM from Giddalur)
  2. Narava(Ver near to giddalur like 5 km)
  3. Modam palli(Ver near to giddalur like 1 km)
  4. 'Nemiligundla Ranga Swamy' రంగస్వామి గుండం(peaceful area)
  5. 'Vellupalli' వెల్లుపల్లె(Tiger's village)
  6. Jayaramapuram
  7. Vengalareddy palli
  8. Ambavaram{Ayodya Ramalayam }
  9. Uppalapadu[ఉప్పలపాడు]
  10. Rangareddy palli(near to giddalur like 5 km)
  11. Cherlopalli
  12. Daddawada
  13. Kothapalli[Gudimetta Post]
  14. Gudimetta
  15. Ankireddypalli (Near Edavalli)
  16. Gundreddi Palli
  17. Motu(junction)
  18. Thaticherla
  19. Mokshagundam
  20. Pandillapalli
  21. Edavalli
  22. Alasandalapalli
  23. Satvelu
  24. VoddulavaaguPaalli
  25. Ramapuram
  26. Thimmapuram
  27. Kothapalli[Thimmapuram]
  28. Kalva palli
  29. Racharla,mandal
  30. Palugunti Palli
  31. Anumalveedu
  32. Gangampalli
  33. Palakaveedu
  34. Anumalapalli
  35. J.pullalacheruvu
  36. Achampeta
  37. Akaveedu
  38. Chollaveedu
  39. Turimella
  40. Kongalaveedu
  41. Krishnam setty palli
  42. Diguvametta
  43. Kondapetta
  44. Pamulapalli
  45. adimurthi palli
  46. Obulapuram
  47. Thamballa palli ( 7 km from giddalur via narava)
  48. Doddam Palli
  49. chettireddy palli
  50. mittamidapalli
  51. Mundlapadu (A Major village in Giidaluru Mandal with just 6 km from that)
  52. talapalli
  53. Burujupalli
  54. Gadikota
  55. Sanjeevarayuni Peta
  56. Ankireddy palleఅంకి రెడ్డి పల్లె(Near Sanjeevarayuni Peta 13 Km from Giddalur)
  57. obulareddy palli
  58. Kanchi palli
  59. Adimurhi palli ,& jammula palli
  60. Uyyalawada
  61. Lingapuram(in between Giddalur - porumamilla)
  62. yamalapadu
  63. Ankalammapally
  64. Podala Kunta Palli (5 km from Giddalur)
  65. Atchampalli(it is a small village near 10 km from giddalur)
  66. Araveeti kota
  67. Kothur
  68. Venkatapuram
  69. Nallagatla
  70. BrahmnaPalli
  71. BayanaPalli
  72. Chandra Reddy Palli
  73. Gopanipalle
  74. Komarole

Modam Palli


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