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Giddens Ko (traditional Chinese柯景騰), is a Taiwanese writer and director born on August 25, 1978 in Changhua County, Taiwan. He earned his Bachelor of Science in Management from National Chiao Tung University(國立交通大學) and Master of Social Science from Tunghai University (東海大學) [1] Since he published his first book online, Giddens Ko has completed around 60 books, many of which have been adapted as films, teleplays, stage plays or online games. The theme of his writing is diverse and the style is varied.[citation needed] He writes under the pseudonym of "Jiubadao" (九把刀), which means "nine knives".


"In this world, maybe there is the dream that cannot be realized no matter how hard one try. But if, by trying the utmost, one can have the opportunity to appreciate it, then, I am willing to try. At least, I will be deeply touched by myself." Giddens Ko began creative writing after realizing that he was fond of writing when he handed in novels as part of his college thesis. Every day, he reads and collects material and writes 5000 words.[citation needed] In 2006, he wrote for five hours straight on a laptop during a bookstore event.[citation needed] He is a prolific writer, having published approximately one book per month in 14 consecutive months.[citation needed]

In 2000, Ko began writing online on various themes, such as black humor, absurd horror and romantic love. He refers to himself as the King of Stories as his writing ability was improved through this practice.[citation needed]

In 2008, Giddens Ko acted as the narrator for the online game "The Legend of Heroes".[citation needed] In 2008, he directed the film "LOVE".[citation needed] In 2010, Ko directed the film "You Are the Apple of My Eye".[citation needed] In 2011, Ko adapted his novel "The Killer Who Never Kills" into film.[citation needed]

On October 9, 2012, Ko was chosen as one of "Ten Outstanding Young People of Taiwan" by the Junior Chamber International Taiwan.[2]

The Origin of Ko's Pen Name

"Jiubadao" was a song written by Ko as a senior high school student.[citation needed] The song gained popularity among his schoolmates because of its simple lyrics and catchy tune. Once when Ko was taking chemistry class after school, one of his classmates passed a note to the teacher. The teacher saw there was a joke by "Jiubadao" on it and asked who "Jiubadao" was. The class pointed towards Ko. Thereafter the teacher and the whole class called him "Jiubadao".[citation needed]


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