Gidget's Summer Reunion

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Gidget's Summer Reunion
Gidget's Summer Reunion.jpg
Directed by Bruce Bilson
Produced by Harry Ackerman
Carole Coates
Ralph Riskin
Written by Robert Blees
George Zateslo
Starring Caryn Richman
Dean Butler
Music by George Aliceson Tipton
Editing by Art Stafford
Country United States
Language English
Release date June 1, 1985 (June 1, 1985)
Running time 98 min.
Preceded by Gidget Gets Married
Followed by The New Gidget

Gidget's Summer Reunion is a 1985 television film produced by Columbia Pictures Television for television syndication. It was written by Robert Blees and George Zateslo and directed by Bruce Bilson and starred Caryn Richman as Gidget.


Now in their late twenties and married, Gidget and Jeff live in Santa Monica, Jeff working as an architect and Gidget as a travel agent. They have no children of their own, but are looking after Gidget's niece Kim while Anne and John (Kim's parents) are in Europe.

Their marriage is troubled, in part because they are becoming workaholics, leaving themselves too little quality time.

Gidget decides to throw Jeff a surprise thirtieth birthday party including a reunion of their old surfing friends, but this is threatened when the illness of her employee Johnny Soon means that she must fill in, coordinating a tour in Hawaii. Meanwhile, Jeff is fending off romantic advances from Anne Bedford, his beautiful and libidinous boss.

Kim at fifteen and a half years old is much as Gidget was at that age. She wants to learn how to surf and gets in over her head when she sneaks out of the house to see Mickey, a suave, self-serving beach bum behind the back of Albert, her nerdy boyfriend.

In the end, Johnny Soon's quick recovery brings Gidget home in the nick of time to save her marriage and rescue Kim from the tight spot she has gotten herself into.


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