Gil Hill

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Gil Hill
Born November 5, 1931
Birmingham, Alabama

Gilbert R. "Gil" Hill (born November 5, 1931) is a former President of the Detroit City Council. He was also a Detroit police officer and part-time actor, gaining recognition in the Beverly Hills Cop movie franchise.

Born in Birmingham, Alabama, Hill is a former police detective in the City of Detroit. He also appeared in the Beverly Hills Cop films, playing the role of Inspector Todd, the boss of Eddie Murphy's character Axel Foley.[1] Hill was elected to the Detroit City Council in 1989, eventually becoming president of the council. He ran unsuccessfully for Mayor of Detroit against Kwame Kilpatrick in the 2001 election. He was initially considered to be the leading candidate, and had support from many people connected with incumbent mayor Dennis Archer.[2]



"The only difference between Inspector Todd and my real life is that I don't curse as much in real life..."[3]


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