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Gil Semedo (born October 25, 1974) is a recording artist and performer.

Early life[edit]

Gil Semedo was born on October 25, 1974 in Cape Verde. At the age of six, he migrated to the Netherlands, where he still lives. From a very young age he was fascinated by music and dance. He was first seen on TV at the age of fifteen, in a Dutch television contest called Henny Huisman’s Sound Mix Show. He reached the finals imitating his idol Michael Jackson, and this resulted in appearances in several Dutch television shows. His idol became the biggest source of inspiration in his career. The sound and the image inspired by Michael Jackson and his Afro-Caribbean music background, inspired Gil Semedo to create his own sound. This fusion resulted in a new and unique music style which he called “Caboswing”: swinging Cape Verdean pop music.



  • Menina (1991)
  • Caboswing (1993)
  • Separadu (1994)
  • Verdadi (1995)
  • Bodona (1997)
  • Nos Lider (1999)
  • Best Of Gil (2001)
  • Dedicaçon (2002)
  • Nha Vitoria (2006)
  • Best Of Love (2007)
  • Cabopop (2008)
  • Sempri Lider (2011)


  • Doom Da Da Doom(1995)
  • Sweet Honey (single 2004)
  • Angola Sempre a Subir (2006)
  • Nha Vitoria (single 2006)
  • Fofinha (single 2010)


  • Énfrento O Bicho (1994) - VHS
  • Exitos (1997) - VHS
  • Alem Do Sonho (2007) - DVD


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