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Birth name Miriam Alejandra Bianchi
Born (1961-10-11)October 11, 1961
Origin Argentina
Died September 7, 1996(1996-09-07) (aged 34)
Genres Cumbia
Occupations Singer
Years active 1991–1996

Gilda (pronounced "Shilda" in new Argentine popular Castillian) (born Miriam Alejandra Bianchi in Villa Devoto, Buenos Aires 11 October 1961 - died 7 September 1996) was an Argentine singer and songwriter. She was the most successful tropical singer of the 90's in Argentina. Gilda started getting involved in music while organizing festivals at a Catholic school. After meeting musician Tito Giménez, the teacher became a backup singer, joining a band called la Barra and soon participating in a second project named Crema Americana. In 1993, Giménez convinced her to start a solo career, recording De Corazón A Corazón after signing up to local label Magenta. The following year, "La Única" featuring the hit "Corazón Herido" and "La Puerta" was released. In 1995, Pasito A Pasito came out, getting the hit and one of her most popular songs "No Me Arrepiento De Este Amor." Later, while touring the country to promote her last and most successful album "Corazón Valiente", Gilda's career ended tragically. The artist, her mother, and her daughter died in a car accident on September 7, 1996. Her death shocked Argentina, and her albums quickly became number one. A posthumous album called "No Es Mi Despedida", featuring previously unreleased material, was released in 1997, becoming the best selling album in Argentina that year. After her death, many people most of them fans, claim that Gilda is a saint. Gilda was very popular in her country and in all of South America, where she received several gold and platinum records. Among her best-known songs are "Fuiste", "No me arrepiento de este amor video" and "No es mi despedida", with the first one being known in Europe, too.

Some of her songs were reedited after her death, most notably Attaque 77's version of "No me arrepiento..." Video on YouTube

A film about her life and starring Natalia Oreiro, will be released in 2016.[1]


  • De Corazòn a Corazòn (1992)
  • La Ùnica (1993)
  • Pasito a Pasito ^ (1994)
  • Corazòn Valiente (1995)
  • No Es Mi Despedida (1997)

^ Pasito a Pasito was reissued under the name No Me Arrepiento De Este Amor


Portions based on a translation from Spanish Wikipedia.

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