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The Gilgit–Baltistan Legislative Assembly is a 33-seat unicameral legislative body that was formed as part of the Gilgit–Baltistan Empowerment and Self-Governance Order, 2009 which granted the region self-rule and an elected legislative assembly.[1] Prior to this, the region had been directly ruled from Islamabad.

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As per the results of the 2009 elections,[2] the assembly is split between members of the left leaning and secular Pakistan Peoples Party, the centre-right Pakistan Muslim League, the secular and liberal Muttahida Qaumi Movement, and the Islamist Jamiat Ulema e Islam. In a special by-election in 2011, a candidate from the Balawaristan National Front won a seat from Ghizer with slightly less than 50% of votes cast in his favor.[3] In sept 2013, FM Nashad from skd 3 LA 8 won the elections with the mejority after wazir shakeel resigned from the membership. FM Nashad earlier served as Deputy chief executive for 5 years. He belongs to PML nawaz.


1. Syed Mehdi Shah, Chief Minister GB., LA-7 Skardu-I, (PPP)

2. Mr. Wazir Baig, Speaker GBLA, LA-6 Gilgit-VI, (PPP)

3. Mr. Jamil Ahmed, Deputy Speaker GBLA, (Tech)Gilgit, (PPP)

4. Syed Razi-ud-Din Rizvi, LA-1 Gilgit-I, (Independent)

5. Mr. Deedar Ali, A-2 Gilgit-II, (Independent)

6. Mr. Aftab Haider, LA-3 Gilgit-III, (PPP)

7. Mr. Muhammad Ali Akhter, LA-4 Gilgit-IV, (PPP)

8. Mr. Mirza Hussain, LA-5 Gilgit-V, (PML)

9. Mr. Nisar Hussain, LA-8 Skardu-II, (PPP)

10. F.M.Nashad,LA-8 Skardu-III (PML N)

11. Wazir Hassan, LA-9 Skardu-III, (PPP)

12. Syed Muhammad Ali Shah, LA-10 Skardu-IV, (PPP)

13. Raja Azam Khan, LA-12 Skardu-VI, (MQM)

14. Mr. Abdul Hameed,LA-13 Astore-I, (PPP)

15. Mr. Muhammad Naseer Khan, LA-14 Astore-II, (PPP)

16. Mr. Bashir Ahmed, LA-14 Astore-II, (PML)

17. Mr. Janbaz Khan, LA-16 Diamer-II, (PML-N)

18. Mr. Gulbar Khan, LA-17 Diamer-III, (JUI)

19. Mr. Rahmat Khaliq, LA-18 Diamer-IV, (JUI)

20. Pir Syed Karam Ali Shah, LA-19 Ghizer-I, (PPP)

21. Mr. Ali Madad Shah, LA-20 Ghizer-II, (PPP)

22. Mr. Muhammad Ayub Shah, LA-21 Ghizer-III, (PPP)

23. Mr. Nawaz Khan Naji, LA-21 Ghizer-I, (BNF)

24. Mufti Muhammad Abdullah Shah, LA-23 Ghanche-II (PML-N)

25. Mr. Muhammad Ismail, LA-24 Ghanche-III, (PPP)

26. Mr. Mutabiat Shah, Hunza–Nagar, (PPP)

27. Mulana Sarwar Shah, Diamer, (JUI)

28. Mst. Shreen Fatima, Skardu,(PPP)

29. Mst. Gul Mara, Diamer, (PPP)

30. Mst. Yasmeen Nazar, Ghizer, (PPP)

31. Mst. Sadia Zia, Gilgit, (PPP)

32. Mst. Amina Bibi Ansari, Ghanche, (PML)

33. Mst. Mehnaz Wali, Gilgit, (JUI)

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