Gilles Apap

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Gilles Apap
Born (1963-05-21) 21 May 1963 (age 51)
Béjaïa, Algeria
Origin Nice, France
Genres Classical, Gypsy , Swing, Irish, Bluegrass, Old-time Music
Occupation(s) Musician
Instruments Violin
Years active 1985–present
Labels Sony Music Entertainment Apapaziz Productions

Gilles Apap (born 21 May 1963) is a French classical violinist. Born in Bougie, Algeria, he was raised in Nice, France. In 1985 he won first prize in the contemporary music category at the Yehudi Menuhin Competition. He served as concertmaster with the Santa Barbara Symphony in California for 10 years, but has since focused on his career as a soloist with orchestras around the world.

A virtuosic violinist, Gilles is well known for his love of, and respect for, traditional music from Eastern Europe to America and for his ability to convey an authentic sound to his audience, whether the music be gypsy, Irish, swing, or bluegrass.

He recorded three CDs in the 1990s with Sony Classical, then formed his own company, Apapaziz Productions, with the help of supportive friends. Since 1999, Apapaziz has recorded eight Gilles Apap CDs, the latest, "Gypsy Tunes...California Style, that Is", with the Transylvanian Mountain Boys.


  • 1994 Gilles Apap and the Transylvanian Mountain Boys: Who? (Sony)
  • 1996 Gilles Apap and the Transylvanian Mountain Boys: Gilles Apap & the Transylvanian Mountain Boys (Sony)
  • 1997 Gilles Apap and the Transylvanian Mountain Boys: d’Ici & d’Ailleurs (Sony)
  • 1999 Enescu, Debussy and Ravel: Sonatas for violin and piano (Apapaziz)
  • 2001 No Piano on That One (Apapaziz)
  • 2002 Vivaldi's Four Seasons" (Apapaziz)
  • 2003 Gilles Apap and The Sinfonia Varsovia (Apapaziz)
  • 2006 Gilles Apap: Music for Solo Violin (Apapaziz)
  • 2007 "Friends" (Apapaziz)
  • 2008 "Sans Orchestre" (Apapaziz)
  • 2012 "Gypsy Tunes... California Style That Is" (Apapaziz)


  • 1993 The unknown fiddler of Santa Barbara (Regie: Bruno Monsaingeon) Ideale Audience
  • 1993 Gilles Apap and Friends (Regie: Bruno Monsaingeon) Ideale Audience
  • 1993 Thirty Two Short Films About Glenn Gould
  • 1999 Gilles Apap plays Mozart's Third Concerto Ideale Audience
  • 2004 Apap Masala, Gilles Apap in India (Regie: Max Jourdan) Ideale Audience

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