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This article is about Gillette Children's Specialty Healthcare. For other similarly named hospitals, see Children's Hospital (disambiguation).

Gillette Children's Specialty Healthcare is a non-profit hospital located in St. Paul, Minnesota, USA. Its focus is pediatric medical treatment and research. It was founded by Dr. Arthur Gillette and Jessie Haskins in 1897. It took on Arthur Gillette's name as the hospital's first chief surgeon, an appointment given by the regents of the University of Minnesota.

Originally, it was situated in a ward inside City and County Hospital of St. Paul, but in 1911 it outgrew that limited space and moved into its own facilities in Phalen Park. In 1977, it moved again, this time to space in Regions Hospital in St. Paul. Currently, it operates a system of clinics around the state, including Minnetonka, Burnsville, New Brighton and northern Minnesota.

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