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Gillies is both a Scottish surname and a given name shared by several notable people:

Surname uses[edit]



  • Clark Gillies (born 1954), Canadian professional ice hockey player, member of the Hockey Hall of Fame
  • Colton Gillies (born 1989), Canadian amateur ice hockey player
  • Craig Gillies (born 1976), English rugby union player
  • Eric Gillies (born 1952), Canadian Olympic ice dancer
  • Gilbert Gillies (born ????), Scottish former secretary manager of English football Clubs: Chesterfield FC, Leeds City FC and Bradford Park Avenue FC
  • Matt Gillies (1921–1998), Scottish footballer
  • Shawn Gillies (born 1981), Jamaican-Australian cricketer
  • Simon Gillies (born before 1987), Australian rugby league player
  • Trevor Gillies (born 1979), Canadian professional ice hockey player


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Given name uses[edit]

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