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Gillig Low Floor
Gillig advantage.jpg
A Gillig Advantage in service for Harrisonburg Transit in Harrisonburg, Virginia
HDPT 41 interior.jpg
Interior view from rear
Manufacturer Gillig Corporation
Also called Gillig H2000LF
Gillig Advantage
Body and chassis
Doors 2-door (1- door Suburban)
Floor type Low entry
Chassis Integral
  • 29: 28
  • 35':32
  • 40':40
Length 29–40 ft (8.8–12.2 m)
Width 102 in (2,590.8 mm)
Height 29': 115 in (2,921.0 mm)
35', 40':116 in (2,946.4 mm)
Predecessor Gillig Phantom

The Gillig Low Floor is a transit bus manufactured by the Gillig Corporation in Hayward, California. The Low Floor was introduced in 1996. They are available in 29', 35' and 40' lengths. A diesel-electric hybrid version was introduced in 2004. Frameless side windows are an option. The Gillig Low Floor is often nicknamed "Advantage" due to the low-floor design for the wheelchair access on the bus. The front part of the bus is low-floor, with steps leading up to the section behind the rear door, and the front step containing a wheelchair ramp which flips down manually. The Gillig Low Floor bus also has a suburban version.


The Gillig Low Floor is equipped with either a Cummins ISB or ISL engine. Originally, the Caterpillar C9, Cummins C8.3, ISC, ISM, Detroit Diesel Series 40, and Series 50 engines were also available. Transmissions available are Allison, Voith, or ZF automatic transmissions.

Maximum seating capacity is 28 for the 29 foot bus (with seats over the front axle), 32 for the 35 foot bus, and 40 for the 40 foot bus.[1]

Turning radius for the Gillig Low Floor is 29 feet for the 29 foot model, 36 feet for the 35 foot model, and 43 feet for the 40 foot model.[1]

Initially, the Gillig Low Floor had a flat windshield and long windows. In 2002, the windshield was enlarged and the windows were reduced in length.[citation needed]

In 2008, the door windows received squared-off glass. The squared-off glass had the same design for both the front door and the rear door.[citation needed]

Gillig Corporation also added a suburban on their buses. The Suburban Version had one door with reading lights, Air Conditioning, WI-Fi and luggage rack on the top. In Addition, the Suburban Version is available in Gillig Low Floor Standard and Gillig BRT Low Floor Bus.


A Gillig Low Floor hybrid.

In 2004, a hybrid version of the Gillig Low Floor was introduced. It had a battery pack on the roof. Initially the only hybrid powertrain available was the Allison EP40 hybrid drive. In 2008, the Voith DIWA hybrid drive became available. All Gillig hybrid models use the Cummins ISB engine.


Gillig BRT shown with frameless side windows
Gillig Trolley Replica (35')

Gillig also manufactures two models of buses based on the Low Floor chassis, the BRT and the Trolley Replica. Both have the same engine and transmission options as the standard Low Floor. Frameless side windows are common on both models.[citation needed]

Gillig BRT[edit]

The BRT is a restyled version of the Low Floor; with different front and rear fascias, it wears a more futuristic look than the standard model. It is available in the same lengths as the standard Low Floor model, although the front fascia adds roughly about an extra foot of length to the bus. Instead of sealed-beam headlights, the Gillig BRT has projector headlights. The layout for the headlights was changed slightly in 2009.[citation needed] The Gillig BRT is also available with the hybrid drivetrain. Recently, a gasoline-electric hybrid version of the BRT became available, the first ones went to LeeTran in Lee County, Florida.[citation needed]

The design of the BRT allows for some degree of customization by the purchaser. Some BRTs have been ordered with the same rear end as the standard Low Floor model.[citation needed] Although the BRT can be ordered without the frameless side windows, most BRT's are equipped with them. Many BRTs have also been ordered with front and rear roof fairings. A one-piece windshield is another popular option for the BRT.[citation needed]

Gillig Trolley Replica[edit]

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The Gillig Trolley Replica is produced in collaboration with Cable Car Classics of Healdsburg, California. It is available in 30', 35' and 40' lengths. The exterior has simulated wood trim and old trolley style decals. Frameless side windows are fitted to enhance the trolley-like look. A cosmetic cupola and functional brass bell complete the exterior. The interior has solid oak seats, leather handstraps, brass handrails, and brass trim. A hybrid powertrain is optional for the Trolley Replica.

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