Gillis, Louisiana

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Gillis, Louisiana
Census-designated place
Hamlet of Gillis

Gillis is a Census-designated placeCDPs in northern Calcasieu Parish, Louisiana, United States. Gillis, adjacent to two other unincorporated areas (Moss Bluff and Topsy), is the northernmost settlement in the Greater Lake Charles area and thus the closest settlement south of dry Beauregard Parish where one can buy non-distilled beverages. Liquor is not currently sold in Gillis.

Gillis falls under the school district of Iowa, though most parents send their children to schools much closer to home. Students who live in the Gillis community may attend Gillis Elementary on Topsy Road and Moss Bluff Middle School and Sam Houston High School in Moss Bluff.

Coordinates: 30°22′26″N 93°12′04″W / 30.37389°N 93.20111°W / 30.37389; -93.20111