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Gilmerton Post Office

Gilmerton (Scottish Gaelic: Baile GhilleMhoire) is a one-time coal mining village, now a southern suburb of Edinburgh, the capital of Scotland. It is south-west of Danderhall. Its name derives from a combination of Scottish Gaelic: Gille-Moire - a personal name and later surname meaning 'Servant of [the Virgin] Mary', from which we have the first element, Gilmer, - and Old English: ton, 'settlement, farmstead'.[citation needed] Versions of the name can be dated from the middle of the 12th Century.[citation needed]

Below ground level in the centre of Gilmerton are a series of shallow linked caves known collectively as Gilmerton Cove. Traditionally the caves were attributed to the work of a local blacksmith, George Paterson,[citation needed] who supposedly completed excavations in 1724 and lived in the caves for several years,[citation needed] although there may be reasons to doubt this explanation.[citation needed]

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Coordinates: 55°54′18″N 3°7′51″W / 55.90500°N 3.13083°W / 55.90500; -3.13083