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Gimme! Coffee
Founded 2000
Founder Kevin Cuddeback
Number of locations
The Gimme! Coffee bar on North Cayuga Street in Ithaca, New York, opened in 2000.

Gimme! Coffee is a coffee roaster, based in New York, with espresso bars in Ithaca, Trumansburg, Brooklyn, and Manhattan. Gimme! Coffee has a wholesale service that caters to coffee and espresso establishments.[1]


A focus at Gimme is to form relationships with farmers who grow coffee. As part of this bond between consumer and producer, the farmer may receive a price premium, which in turn, can help them improve their operations. For example, since 2009, Gimme has worked with a farmer in Colombia,[2] helping the producer to attain organic certification and win awards.[3]

The director of coffee at Gimme is working with Boyce Thompson Institute to map the arabica coffee genome[4] to improve taste and make arabica beans less susceptible to disease.


In 2006, the New York Times named Gimme! Coffee among the best espresso bars in New York City.[5] Gimme! Coffee received a Good Food Award, in the coffee category, for 2011[6] and 2012.[7] Roast Magazine chose Gimme! Coffee as winner of their 2013 Roaster of the Year contest (macro category).[8]

Home brew[edit]

Gimme offers guidance and advice on equipment and technique for the home coffee brewer. In 2013, Gimme switched to biodegradable coffee bags, which can be composted.[9][10]

Cornell University[edit]

In August 2014, Gimme opened an espresso bar in Gates Hall on Cornell University main campus.

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