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Gina Marie Simmons
Nationality American
Alma mater San Diego State University
United States International University
Occupation Marriage and family counselor
Spouse(s) Jay Schneider
Manage Anger Daily

Gina Marie Simmons is an American blogger and licensed marriage and family counselor in San Diego, California.

Early life and education[edit]

Simmons grew up in San Diego and attended Hoover High School.[citation needed]

Simmons received a bachelor's degree in psychology in 1983 from San Diego State University. She received a doctorate degree in 1991 from United States International University. There, her dissertation was titled "Interpersonal trust and perceived locus of control in the adjustment of adult children of alcoholics."[1]


Simmons has been licensed in California as a marriage and family therapist since 1988. From 1987 to 1988, Simmons was licensed in California as a marriage and family therapist intern. She is co-founder and co-director of Schneider Family Services with her husband, Jay Schneider, a licensed clinical social worker.

She was an adjunct instructor in the psychology department at San Diego City College.[2]

She has been quoted in articles about anger management, including once in the New York Times, once in the Los Angeles Times and once in the San Diego Union-Tribune.[3][4][5][6] She was profiled in a Q&A piece on Yahoo! Voices in 2010.[7]

In December 2011, she appeared on "The Roth Show," a syndicated radio program.[8]


She is a regular blogger on’s Crime, She Writes blog[9] and also blogs on Women in Crime Ink. She is also a former columnist for Living Better Magazine.[10]

In May 2010, her article “Media Violence Causes Aggression in Children” was published in the book Is Media Violence a Problem? (vol. 2).[11]

A short story by Simmons is included in the book Heart of a Military Woman: Stories and Tributes to Those Who Serve Our Country, published in 2009 as part of the Heart Book Series by author Sheryl Roush.[12][13]


As a teenager, in 1972, she sang on the rock musical album An Eye In Each Head and she performed in the live production of the same name.[14] In 1994, she sang on the album Help The People by Paul Swigart, singing lead and background vocals on seven of the cuts, including "The Loving Words I Heard," "Daddy I Remember," and "Livin' with a Ghost."[15][16]

Personal life[edit]

She is married to Jay Schneider. They have three children and live in San Diego.


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