Ginga Sengoku Gun'yūden Rai

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Ginga Sengoku Gun'yūden Rai
Genre Action, Romance, Science Fiction
Anime television series
Directed by Seiji Okuda
Written by Jinzō Toriumi, Hideki Sonoda
Music by Kaoru Wada
Studio Easy Film
Licensed by Enoki Films USA
Network TV Tokyo
Original run April 8, 1994March 31, 1995
Episodes 52
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THUNDER JET is a 52-episode anime adaptation of the Japanese manga, Ginga Sengoku Gun Yuuden Rai (銀河戦国群雄伝ライ Ginga Sengoku Gun Yuuden Rai?, trans. The Heroes of Galaxy Wars), which was written and illustrated by Johji Manabe. It was originally released on 8 April 1994 to 31 March 1995 at TV Tokyo network in Japan. Other title translations of the anime include Galaxy Warring State Chronicle Rai and Thunder Jet: Raiders of the Galaxy Empire.


After the collapse of the Sacred Galaxy Empire, a battle for control of the Milky Way Constellation breaks out among the War Lords. From the chaos of outerspace emerges a young courageous warrior, Ryuga Rai, also known as "Thunder Jet".

Thunder Jet is a fearless warrior to his foes but to others, he is a gentle soul, dependable and loyal.

Two powerful forces aspire to reign over the entire Empire: Dan-Joe, ruler of the North Region of the Milky Way, and Queen Mussamney, ruler of the Southern Region.

Thunder Jet sees the ensuing battle and ponders the ultimate goal. Is it power and glory these rulers seek or a peaceful Milky Way under one rule? Thunder Jet realizes the importance of this battle and the purpose of his destiny. One day Thunder Jet will bring peace to the Milky Way.


Thunder Jet & Co.[edit]

RAI RYUGA (竜我 雷 Ryuuga Rai?) a.k.a. THUNDER JET
The 18-year-old hero of the series. His real name is Rai Ryuga. Joined the Army of the Kingdom of Gojo as a Private, but he was quickly promoted to platoon leader and, later, as battalion commander after successive victories in critical battles.
He was named LOERAY/LOE in the Hong Kong translated anime (Hong Kong English).
He was voiced by Nobuyuki Hiyama in the original Japanese release. In the Philippine Tagalog dub, he was voiced by Fourth Lee.


A 34-year-old monk born in the same planet as Ryuga Rai. He has tremendous physical strength. Very loyal to Thunder Jet.
He was named VINHI in the Hong Kong translated anime (Hong Kong English).
He was named as FRYER MONK in the Philippine tagalog dub.


A 14-year-old tag-along side-kick of Thunder Jet and Unkai. Often seen using a gun during battles.
He was named TAZU in the Hong Kong translated anime (Hong Kong English).

SISHIN DAIGAKUYA (大覚屋 師真 Daigakuya Shishin?)
Sishin is a genius strategist with wide knowledge in history, Confucian classics, war tactics, astronomy and medicine. He is more serious and monotonous in the later episodes of the anime.
In the manga, he retains his womanizing and comical gimmicks while quickly changing his character whenever the moment required it. He was initially in love with Simoun, but after seeing her relationship with Rai, he decided to let her be. He, however, soon found a new resolve in Kagan (Kagyoku), Gen-Yee's former lover. He eventually becomes Ryuga Rai's closest friend and confidant.
The character was loosely based from Zhuge Liang
He was named SIKEN in the Hong Kong translated anime (Hong Kong English).
He was voiced by Kazuki Yao in the original Japanese release.


A younger brother of Sishin. He supports Thunder Jet with his brother Sishin as back up strategist.
He was named PEKEN in the YouTube dub (Hong Kong translated video).


An orphan boy known for reading books (made reference to having read Sun Tzu's The Art of War). He was first hired to do chores, but later served as assistant strategist of Sishin.
He was named LINSOKA in the Philippine Tagalog dub.
His name was translated as LIN-SOCK on the (Hong Kong translated video)
LAN-LAN (蘭々 Ran-ran?)
A little girl who serves as an attendant for Simone. She loves and trusts her very much.
In the manga she is Kagan (Kagyoku)'s younger sister, as well as a much less important character; despite being assigned as Simone's servant, Lan-Lan is not given much of a role. In the end of the manga she becomes Rinsokuka's consort.
She was voiced by Sumie Baba in the original Japanese release.


A happy-go-round soldier. His job is to look after the ladies, also serves as Thunder Jet's spokesman/messenger/negotiator.
He was named SUNLOCK in the Hong Kong translated anime (Hong Kong English).


Deputy officer of Kongo ("Emery" in the Philippine Tagalog dub; "Kingkong" in the YouTube dub/Hong Kong translated video), Thunder Jet's flagship.
He is doubtful of TJ's ability to command a ship and a fleet at the beginning. After he witnessed T.J.'s outstanding courage and leadership, he becomes TJ's one of most trustful officers.
He was named TAZE in the YouTube dub; MOVICK in Philippine Tagalog translation; & MOKACK in the Hong Kong translations (Hong Kong English).


An old soldier who serves as Kongo's Maintenance Officer.


"The Pirate King" Leader of the notorious space pirates in the deep south region. He joined forces with Rai along with his fellow space pirates after he was defeated.
His name was translated as COLIN in the Hong Kong translated anine (Hong Kong English).


The son of the Pirate King Kouen.
His name was translated as COBIN in the Hong Kong translated anime (Hong Kong English).

Kingdom of Sakura[edit]


King of the Kingdom of Sakura. Father of Simone.
SIMONE (紫紋 Shimon?)
The 16-year-old daughter of King Shuzen Asou. She is the only direct descendent of "The Holy Galaxy Empire."
She was voiced by Kotono Mitsuishi in the original Japanese release.

Kingdom of Gojo[edit]


The King of Kingdom of Gojo. He was one of two Generals-in-Chief of the Holy Galaxy Empire. At age 72 years, he intends to destroy his rival in the South Region to unite the Milky Way.
He was named TAZE in the Hong Kong translated anime (Hong Kong English).

REILA (麗羅 Reira?)
Reila is the clumsy daughter of King Dan-Joe. She secretly admires Rai.
She was named LILO in the Hong Kong translated anime (Hong Kong English).


One of the Four Heavenly Generals of Kingdom of Gojo. He is known as the "Tortoise General". A 42-year-old masked man. Merciless and cunning, he serves as the Prime Minister of the Kingdom of Gojo.
He was named FOMEE in the Hong Kong translated anime (Hong Kong English).


One of the Four Heavenly Generals of the Kingdom of Gojo. She is known as the "Dragon General" A 22-year-old female general, with courage and intelligence. She is the mentor of Thunder Jet.
She was named LONREN in the Hong Kong translated anime (Hong Kong English).
Named as ROGINA in the Philippine tagalog anime.


One of Four Heavenly Generals of the Kingdom of Gojo. He is known as the "Phoenix General"A 24-year-old handsome man with cunning strategy. His true identity is an alien life force. He possesses strong psychic power.
He was named HARVY in the Hong Kong translated anime (Hong Kong English).

KAGAN (Kagyoku)
An affectionate and devoted follower of Gen-Yee. She also possesses the power of sorcery and has no hesitation to do whatever she thinks is good for her master, even assassination.
She is a much more complex character in the manga, as she is possessed by Geni's evil spirit and serves as his medium in order to feed him with anguish and hatred. During the final stages of the manga, she brakes free of his possession and becomes Shishin's consort. In the end, she announces to Shishin the upcoming birth of their child.
He was named HUAYU in the Hong Kong translated anime (Hong Kong English).


One of Four Heavenly Generals of the Kingdom of Gojo. "He is known as the "Tiger General". A 30-year-old ferocious brute and ambitious warrior with "Tiger" face.
He was named HERO in the Hong Kong translated anime (Hong Kong English).
He was named GARER in the Philippine tagalog dub.


Younger brother of Gaira. Gaizan is a strong tiger-faced warrior like Gaira.
Voiced by Chafurin in the japanese original series.


The youngest brother of Gaira. He wants to help Gaira to ascend to the throne of the Sacred Galaxy Empire. He serves as Gaira's strategist. Unlike his brothers who are tiger-faced, Gaien is puma-faced.
He was named HAYE in the Hong Kong translated anime (Hong Kong English).
Voiced by Toshiyuki Morikawa in the japanese original series.


A pirate from the South who was hired by Gaien to attack Thunder Jet's fleet in Nankyo.


A general of the Kingdom of Gojo who rose up against Dungeo by joining Ge-Ni (who was instructed by Dungeo to act a rebellion in order to know who the traitors in his kingdom are.)


A general of the new Kingdom of Great Gojo, which is under the rule of Emperor Gaira. He was the ordered by Gaira to avenge the death of Gaizan.


Rouha's Right hand man and deputy of the 7 dragon generals (Generals under Rouha's command). He remains loyal to Rouha until his death.
He is named as POSAN in the Hong Kong translated anime (Hong Kong English).

Kingdom of Ty[edit]


The One Eyed Dragon. The Queen of Kingdom of Ty. The leader of allied South Region of the Galaxy. She was one of the two Generals-in-Chief of the Holy Galaxy Empire. A formidable warrior known as a marksman with pistol. She is equipped with a Japanese Matchlock pistol.
Named as MUSANME in the Philippine Tagalog dub;
Named as MASSINA and has a nickname of ONE-EYED JENZO in the Hong Kong translated anime (Hong Kong English).

Her character is based on Masamune Date


Masamune's younger brother. He was enthroned as the Emperor of the galaxy as part of the Ren Kingdom's plan to strengthen their forces. His older sister agrees to the plan in order to provide Toramaru a better protection during the times of war.
He was named TARAMAROON in the Hong Kong translated anime (Hong Kong English).


The deputy commander of Queen Massina. She assumes No. 2 post in the entire "TY" fleet. She is engaged in espionage as an outstanding 'ninja."
She was named HEE-LAI in the Hong Kong translated anime (Hong Kong English).


The strategist of Masamune. Formerly the vice commander of King Racko of the Kingdom of "REN."
He was named LEIGE in the Hong Kong translated anime (Hong Kong English).


A general of the Kingdom of Ty who was instructed by Masamune to invade the province of NANKAIRO, then under the governorship of Ryuga Rai.

Kingdom of Ren[edit]


The young ruler of "REN" Kingdom. He seeks for a chance to destroy General Rouha who killed his father. He then eventually became the rival of Ryuga Rai
He was named ROJO in the Philippine Tagalog dub.
He was voiced by Ryotaro Okiayu in the japanese original series.


Racko's faincee. In her first appearance, she attacked one of the defense towers of Ryuga Rai which then broke their alliance.


The chief of joint staff of the Kingdom of Ren and the best friend of King Racko since the childhood days. He also serves as Racko's strategist.
Named as KYOSHENSHO in the Philippine Tagalog dub.
Named as COSISHOO in the Hong Kong translated version (Hong Kong English).
Voiced by Kiyoyuki Yanada in the japanese original series.


A teen-looking (about racko's age) general of the Kingdom of Ren who indiscriminately bombed Boot, the capital city of the Kingdom of Gojo, resulting in the death of several of Thunder Jet's closest friends.
He was voiced by Tomokazu Seki in the japanese original series.


General of the Kingdom of Ren. Together with his brother Kakouga, they helped in the repair of the "Imperial Tiger" ("Teiko" in Philippine Tagalog dub), Racko's flagship. He owns the green version of "Imperial Tiger".


General of the Kingdom of Ren and the borther of Kakousai. He owns the red version of "Imperial Tiger" . He has an eye patch.


He first appear as an ambitious wandering warrior from the south. He saved Lan Lan from the ninjas that were deployed by Kagan as part of her plot to assassinate Ryuga Rai. He was offered by Rai to join forces but Goban refused because he wanted to defeat Rai in order to become famous in the galaxy. However, it was later found out that he was a hired spy by Kakouga and Kakousai. He was promoted but met his fate at the hands of Ryuga Rai during the rescue of Eishin. Ryuga Rai Commended Goban for being a great fighter.
Named as Halbered in the Hong Kong translated version (Hong Kong English).



A Fleeing war orphan.

International broadcasts[edit]

It was dubbed in Filipino/Tagalog and broadcated by ABS-CBN in the Philippines (1997 to 1998).

The anime was dubbed in Spanish by Centauro Comunicaciones of Colombia. MVS Multivision (now MASTV) broadcast the anime in Mexico.

It was also translated in Arabic under the name "Hazeem Al Raed" "هزيم الرعد" (Translation: Thunder Bane).

Other media[edit]


The manga consisted of 27 volumes and lasted from November 1989 to November 2001. It was published by Kadokawa Shoten (Volumes 1–6) and MediaWorks (Volumes 7–27).

Video Game[edit]

In 1996, a hybrid real-time strategy-turn-based video game adaptation was released for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System. It was released only in Japan.


# Title Original airdate
01 "A Flaming Star of Galaxy"
"Ginga no Fuuunji" (銀河の風雲児) 
April 8, 1994
The collapse of the HOLY EMPIRE of the Milky Way that has lasted millennium results in a cosmic chaos in the Galaxy, plunging it into a long period of conflict among warring nations. This world of conflict is ideal for the men of ambitions. Among them is a young soldier in the army of the Kingdom of Gojo, THUNDER JET. During the war with the Kingdom of SAKURA, who alone resists Gojo's dominance in the Northern Territory of the Milky Way, Thunder Jet distinguishes himself by slaying SHUZEN, the King of Sakura, and the scene is witnessed by Simone, the daughter of Shuzen, who vows to avenger her father's death. Though he is handsomely rewarded, thunder Jet is not satisfied. He feels resentment toward DAN-JOE, the King of Gojo, for ordering him and his comrades in a suicidal attack that has caused the death of many of his friends. In order to get proper compensations for the families of his deceased comrades, Thunder Jet takes his case directly to the King, a defiant act that normally results in death. Indeed he is sentenced to die, only to be rescued by Reila, the only daughter of Dan-Joe. She is touched by Thunder Jet's unselfish and courageous act. But that night, Boot City, the capital of Gojo, is stunned by a surprise attack. Hundreds of thousand soldiers descend on the City and catch Dan-Joe's army off guard. 
02 "A Warlord Called One-Eyed Dragon"
"Bibou no Dokugan Ryuu" (美貌の独眼竜) 
April 15, 1994
03 "Thunder Jet Sallies Forth to the South Region!"
"Shutsugeki! 4077 Butai" (出撃! 4077部隊) 
April 22, 1994
04 "First Ordeal of Galaxy Battle"
"Shouri e no Totsunyuu" (勝利への突入!) 
April 29, 1994
05 "Desperate Exodus"
"Kesshi no Dasshutsu Sakusen" (決死の脱出作戦) 
May 6, 1994
06 "Headlong Charge to Enemy's Flag Ship"
"Nagurikomi Senkan" (なぐりこみ戦艦) 
May 13, 1994
07 "Rescue of Rogina"
"Rouha o Sukue!" (狼刃を救え!) 
May 20, 1994
08 "Feud Among Three Dominant Forces"
"Hokuten ni Arashi Fuku" (北天に嵐吹く) 
May 27, 1994
09 "Destroy the Traitors!"
"Uragirimono o Oe" (裏切り者を追え) 
June 3, 1994
10 "Desperate Rescue Operation"
"Sutemi no Kyuushutsu Sakusen" (捨て身の救出作戦) 
June 10, 1994
11 "Assassination of Dan-Joe"
"Danjou Ansatsu" (弾正暗殺!) 
June 17, 1994
12 "A Man to Kill Thunder Jet"
"Kongou Bakuha Sakusen" (金剛爆破作戦!) 
June 24, 1994
13 "Shin, The Genius Strategist"
"Tensai Gunshi! Shishin" (天才軍師! 師真(シシン)) 
July 1, 1994
14 "Revolt of Garer"
"Gaira Hanran" (骸羅反乱!) 
July 8, 1994
15 "Escape From Planet Go-Jo"
"Gojou Dasshutsu Sakusen" (五丈脱出作戦!) 
July 15, 1994
16 "Counter-Attack of Queen Massina"
"Masamune no Gyakushuu" (正宗の逆襲!) 
July 22, 1994
17 "Defend Nankyo at All Risk!"
"Mamore! Nankyourou" (守れ! 南京楼) 
July 29, 1994
18 "Thunder Jet Vs. One-Eyed Dragon"
"Gekitotsu! Rai Tai Masamune" (激突! ライ 対 正宗) 
August 5, 1994
19 "Invincible Space Pirate"
"Muteki no Kaizoku Kantai" (無敵の海賊艦隊) 
August 12, 1994
20 "Hairbreadth Escape from the Killers"
"Rai! Kiki Ippatsu" (ライ! 危機一髪) 
August 19, 1994
21 "A Road to the Throne"
"Tenka e no Michi" (天下への道) 
August 26, 1994
22 "Hate And Compromise"
"Ute! Nise Koutei" (討て! 偽皇帝) 
September 2, 1994
23 "The Great Fortress on Fire"
"Honoo no Taiyousai" (炎の大要塞) 
September 9, 1994
24 "One-Man War"
"Tatta Hitori no Sensou" (たった一人の戦争) 
September 16, 1994
25 "Taskee's Mission Impossible"
"Tasuke no Supai Taisakusen" (太助のスパイ大作戦) 
September 23, 1994
26 "Rogina Challenges Thunder Jet"
"Rouha Shutsugeki" (狼刃出撃!) 
September 30, 1994
27 "Decisive Battle in Burning Inferno"
"Honoo no Naka no Kessen" (炎の中の決戦) 
October 7, 1994
28 "Duel; Thunder Jet vs. Rogina"
"Taiketsu! Rai Tai Rouha" (対決! ライ 対 狼刃) 
October 14, 1994
29 "Farewell Rogina"
"Saraba Rouha" (さらば狼刃!) 
October 21, 1994
30 "An Expected Warship"
"Shutsugeki! Youma Senkan" (出撃! 妖魔戦艦) 
October 28, 1994
31 "Fall Of Garer"
"Gaira Shisu" (骸羅(ガイラ)死す!) 
November 4, 1994
32 "Escape from Nankyo!"
"Nankyourou Dasshutsu" (南京楼脱出!) 
November 11, 1994
33 "Take Back Nankyo!"
"Ute! Rakou Gun" (討て! 羅候軍) 
November 18, 1994
34 "Trap of Spelled Dagger"
"Youken no Wana" (妖剣の罠) 
November 25, 1994
35 "An Ambitious Warrior"
"Yabou no Wakamusha" (野望の若武者) 
December 2, 1994
36 "A Road to the Emperor"
"Teiou e no Michi" (帝王への道) 
December 9, 1994
37 "The Last Battle of Pirate-Admiral"
"Gouketsu no Saigo" (豪傑の最後) 
December 16, 1994
38 "Crash! Thunder Jet vs. King Racko"
"Gekitotsu! Rai Tai Rakou" (激突! ライ 対 羅候(ラコウ)) 
December 23, 1994
39 "Gen-Yee's Plot"
"Youma no Takurami" (妖魔のたくらみ) 
December 26, 1994
40 "Return of Massina, One Eyed Dragon"
"Masamune no Ketsudan" (正宗の決断) 
January 6, 1995
41 "T.J.'S Warship Explodes!"
"Kongou Daibakuhatsu" (金剛大爆発) 
January 13, 1995
42 "The Oath of Tramaroon"
"Toramaru no Chikai" (虎丸の誓い) 
January 20, 1995
43 "Simone's Dream"
"Shimon no Omoi" (紫紋の想い) 
January 27, 1995
44 "Peace Talk"
"Wahei Kaidan" (和平会談) 
February 3, 1995
45 "Calm before a Storm"
"Tooi Heiwa" (遠い平和) 
February 10, 1995
46 "Prologue of All-Out War"
"Tatakai no Jokyoku" (戦いの序曲) 
February 17, 1995
47 "Sishin Lose a Battle!"
"Shishin Yabureru!" (師真(シシン)敗れる!) 
February 24, 1995
48 "Merciless Bombard"
"Tatakai no Hate ni" (戦いの果てに) 
March 3, 1995
49 "True Identity of Gen-Yee"
"Gen'i no Shoutai" (玄偉の正体) 
March 10, 1995
50 "For Love and Friendship"
"Tamashii no Koe ni" (魂の声に) 
March 17, 1995
51 "Battle at Twin Planets"
"Nijou Wakusei no Kessen" (二重惑星の決戦) 
March 24, 1995
52 "Beyond the Endless Dream"
"Yume no Hate ni" (夢の果てに) 
March 31, 1995

Episode synopses[edit]

EPISODE #1. A FLAMING STAR OF GALAXY. The collapse of the HOLY EMPIRE of the Milky Way that has lasted millennium results in a cosmic chaos in the Galaxy, plunging it into a long period of conflict among warring nations. This world of conflict is ideal for the men of ambitions. Among them is a young soldier in the army of the Kingdom of Gojo, THUNDER JET. During the war with the Kingdom of SAKURA, who alone resists Gojo's dominance in the Northern Territory of the Milky Way, Thunder Jet distinguishes himself by slaying SHUZEN, the King of Sakura, and the scene is witnessed by Simone, the daughter of Shuzen, who vows to avenger her father's death. Though he is handsomely rewarded, thunder Jet is not satisfied. He feels resentment toward DAN-JOE, the King of Gojo, for ordering him and his comrades in a suicidal attack that has caused the death of many of his friends. In order to get proper compensations for the families of his deceased comrades, Thunder Jet takes his case directly to the King, a defiant act that normally results in death. Indeed he is sentenced to die, only to be rescued by Reila, the only daughter of Dan-Joe. She is touched by Thunder Jet's unselfish and courageous act. But that night, Boot City, the capital of Gojo, is stunned by a surprise attack. Hundreds of thousand soldiers descend on the City and catch Dan-Joe's army off guard.

EPISODE #2 A WARLORD CALLED ONE-EYED DRAGON. The force that sprang the surprise attack is the army of Queen MASSINA, the Queen of Ty and the most powerful nation in the southern Territory of the Milky Way. The command personally led by Massina herself, breaches the outer defense and is now posed to enter the main castle. This is when Thunder Jet plunges himself right into the fray. In the process, he saves one of the five Generals of Gojo, a female warrior named ROGINA and his courageous act leaves a lasting impression on her. and thanks to T.J. (Thunder Jet), Dan-Joe manages to escape. Unable to finish off Dan-Joe, Massina retreats declaring that if Dan-Joe ever attacks the Kingdom of Ty, she will obliterate the force of Gojo. Enraged, Dan-Joe orders an immediate, all-out assault on the Kingdom of Ty. But for a simple marine like T.J., what could he do? Massina had come in a fleet of Space Battleships. T.J. does not possess even a single ship of his own. Then a messenger from Dan-Joe comes to see T.J. with a good tiding. Dan-Joe wants Thunder Jet to take the command of 4077, a fleet of heavily armed warships. Thunder Jet can not believe this good fortune. He accepts it and determines to distinguish himself in a confrontation with Massina again.

EPISODE #3 THUNDER JET SALLIES FORTH TO THE SOUTH REGION!. Thunder Jet arrives to take his new command but the waiting soldiers mistake him for a new recruit and provoke a fight. T.J. immediately displays his strength by beating up some of the men but they are too many. He is about to be overwhelmed when Mokack, the deputy commander of the 4077 intervenes. The manner Mokack handles the situation impresses T.J. but Mokack's opinion of T.J. is not likewise. And soon, an all-out assault on Ty Kingdom begins. Among those who watch the whole army march out is SIMONE who, more than ever, determined to avenge her father's death. 4077 Heavy Armor makes a steady advance and crosses the boundary between North and south. However, many questions remain in Mokack's mind, most of all, his doubt about T.J.'s ability to lead the soldiers and ship. He fears many of his men will be sent to a battle in vain. Then, the news of an approaching enemy fleet reaches T.J. he takes command.

EPISODE #4. FIRST ORDEAL OF GALAXY BATTLE The approaching enemy turns out to be group of hi-speed space frigates. Despite Mokack's concern, Thunder Jet orders an attack. As it turns out, it is a decoy. Though T.J. destroys many of the frigates, his fleet is broadside by swarming fleet of high speed attack boats during the engagement. The Heavy Armor sustains damages. Enraged, T.J. orders to go after the retreating boats. Fearing another trap, Mokack advises T.J. to hold the position but he is too stubborn. He finds the enemy base of the speed boats and demolishes it. However, just as Mokack has predicted, it too turns out to be a trap. While T.J. bombards the base, MASSINA pounces on the convoy of supply ships in the rear. T.J. is forced to turn around to rescue them. That is when the main force of Massina's fleet comes down on Thunder Jet with its full might. Now, his entire fleet is in danger of being decimated. Yet, T.J. remains cool. He is at his best when the ship is down. He turns the situation around and defeats the enemy. Thus a close mutual trust begins to bond the commander and his deputy, T.J. and Mokack. His men too finally come around to trust T.J.'s ability.

EPISODE #5. DESPERATE EXODUS. RACKO of REN KINGDOM vows revenge on ROGINA, the female General of Gojo, for the death of his father. QUEEN MASSINA sees an opportunity in this and talks RACKO into joining their forces so that Racko can fulfill his vows. Racko waits in hiding as Rogina's fleet approaches. He then unleashes his army on the unsuspecting fleet of Rogina And Racko heads straight to Rogina's flagship. He boards it with his men and a free for all battle breaks out. ROGINA is cornered and is about to go down in defeat when Thunder Jet comes for rescue in his flagship, KONGO. Now, Rogina's fleet is in general retreat. In order to rearguard her fleet, Rogina asks for a volunteer and T.J. steps up for the task. T.J. sets a trap for Racko and Rogina is able to slip out with her fleet. Racko vows to fight T.J. for another day.

EPISODE #6. HEADLONG CHARGE TO ENEMY'S FLAG SHIP. The combined force of Southern Territory is now on an all-out offensive. It forces Gojo's army into defensive operation and soon, it becomes a rout. Even Thunder Jet's flagship is badly damaged and he has to keep a low profile behind a Comet until repairs are being made. Then, T.J. spots the fleet of Massina's main force approaching. He mounts a surprise attack, a daring but a desperate assault. He heads straight to Massina's flagship to destroy Massina once and for all. But he faces deadly counter-attack by Massina's deputy, Hee-Lai, and is critically injured. Thus, MASSINA manages to slip away from his burning ship telling his younger brother to watch and learn from T.J., the true courage of a warrior. It seems now T.J.'s luck has finally run out. In a nick of time, Rogina's rescue team arrives and gets him out of the burning ship. After this battle, the cease fire is arranged between Gojo and the combined force of Southern Territory.

EPISODE #7. RESCUE OF ROGINA. While Thunder Jet recuperates, Reila comes to visit him. She informs him that General Rogina is blamed for the defeat and is now sentenced to death. T.J. is furious. Brushing away the restraining hands of others, T.J. goes alone to the castle. But on his way, he collapses from the loss of too much blood. Simone finds T.J. defenseless. Finally the time has come to avenge her father's death. She draws her sword. However, when she learns that T.J. is on his way to stop the execution of General Rogina and he alone can stop it, she mysteriously leaves. T.J., with the help of General Gen-Yee, manages to stop the execution of General Rogina. Gen-Yee, of course, has his own agenda for helping General Rogina.

EPISODE #8. FEUD AMONG THREE DOMINANT FORCES. Many of those who served the Holy Empire are bureaucrats and they remain as the royalists. To further their own ambitions, they plan to destroy Dan-Joe by using Simone, the one and only remaining link to the royal bloodline, as the symbol for their cause. Queen Massina, too, sees advantage in utilizing Simone's position. She sends Hee-Lai for a secret contact with Simone in an effort to find out where she stands. On his way back from the meeting, Hee-Lai is discovered by Thunder Jet. They engage in a fierce battle but Hee-Lai manages to slip away . But T.J. now knows there's some sinister plot to unseat Dan-Joe lurking in the dark. Then, he receives the most puzzling order of all from Dan-Joe. He is ordered to live with Simone, the very person who wants to kill him.

EPISODE #9. DESTROY THE TRAITORS! In order to eliminate the traitors in his own Kingdom, Dan-Joe sets a trap. He orders General Gen-Yee to rise up against him. The plan works. One of his own Generals, HOCKEN, rises up to join General Gen-Yee. Gen-Yee, in turn, orders Thunder Jet to confront Hocken and destroy him. T.J. raids the flagship of Hocken and engages in a man-to-man combat with Hocken. But Hocken turns out to be as formidable as his reputation. T.J. is overwhelmed and is striped of his weapon. Hocken relaxes. He stands over helpless T.J. and lets him know who is really behind the whole rebellion. SAN-JOE, the royalist, has recruited him for the cause in re-establishing the Holy Empire. But this split second of over confidence on Hocken's part is what Thunder Jet needed. He turns the situation around and slays Hocken.

EPISODE #10. DESPERATE RESCUE OPERATION. One of the four Generals of Gojo Kingdom, FOMAY, spreads a rumor that Simone was involved in the rebellion. As the consequence, Simone is arrested by Reila. Fomay wanted to make certain that Simone and her heritage would not be used by Massina or Gen-Yee. Thunder Jet gets a wind of Simone's arrest and decides to rescue her. He knows she is innocent and he believes she does not deserve such a treatment. T.J. succeeds in rescuing her but, pursued by Reila's men, he gets into a tight spot, only to be saved by Gen-Yee. This rivalry between the two Generals, Fomay and Gen-Yee, becomes one of the causes that throws the cosmic conflict into further confusion.

EPISODE #11. ASSASSINATION OF DAN-JOE. Fomay is reprimanded by Dan-Joe for his role in Simone's arrest. In fact, he is publicly humiliated. This forces him to hire an assassin, -- TO KILL DAN-JOE. Meanwhile, Thunder Jet is promoted to head the personal guards of Dan-Joe, the most trusted job in the Kingdom, as the reward for his role in the suppression of the rebellion. He quickly learns that one of the most vicious assassins is hired to kill Dan-Joe. T.J. takes every precaution but the killer manages to enter Dan-Joe's chamber. T.J. engages in a fierce battle with the killer and in the process, sustains injuries. That's when the help comes from MUNK and TASKEE, two of his trusted soldiers and T.J. finishes off the killer. But the assassin leaves a deadly scorpion behind. Unsuspecting Dan-Joe is bitten and he dies. It has been Dan-Joe's lifelong dream to conquer and unify the entire Galaxy. Now, he is gone, what will become of T.J.?

EPISODE #12. A MAN TO KILL THUNDER JET. KAGAN, a magician possessing enormous psychic power, is a close associate of Gen-Yee. Kagan senses some extraordinary energy emanating from Thunder Jet and realizes that T.J. will be a deadly rival for Gen-Yee soon after. She decides to eliminate him. But Gen-Yee wants to hear none of it. Instead, he dispatches T.J. to an important post, the governor of NANKYO, a strategically important place in the Galaxy. Kagan decides to kill T.J. on her own. As T.J. sets to go to his new post, Kagan sneaks into his flagship. She then pounces on T.J. at the first chance. T.J. puts up a good fight but he is no match for Kagan's magic. Only Munk's trick saves T.J.. Kagan narrowly escapes, vowing to kill T.J. someday.

EPISODE #13. SHIN THE GENIUS STRATEGIST. Thunder Jet starts the governor of Nankyo. Garer, secretly preparing rebellion against Go-Jo Empire, sent a fleet to destroy T.J. Sishin, an ambitious young man with extraordinary talent of military strategy watches the battle of Nankyo through TV monitor. T.J. defeats the fleet sent by Garer before it reaches the terrestrial airspace and defends Nankyo. Sishin thinks of allaying with T.J. to realize his dream...

EPISODE #14. REVOLT OF GARER Garer finally revolts against Kingdom Go-Jo and with his brother's support, occupies the capital city. Regina helps Reila to escape from the castle. Garer kills Gen-Yee and Fomay. Thunder Jet tries to sneak into the city to rescue Reila.

EPISODE #15. ESCAPE FROM PLANET GO-JO Sishin prepares an old cargo ship and accompanies Thunder Jet who wants to rescue Reila from the city occupied by Garer. T.J. and Sishin succeeds to help Reila out of Go-Jo. But, the old cargo ship is blocked by a large fleet sent by Garer. Everybody thinks this is the end of road. Then, the old ship gears up suddenly and shakes off the battleships at tremendous speed!

EPISODE #16. COUNTER-ATTACK OF QUEEN MASSINA Queen Massina of Kingdom of Ty learns the turmoil of Go-Jo and decides all-out attack. She takes direct diving attack to Boot City, the capital city by the suggestion of Leige, her first attendant. Meanwhile, in Nankyo, Thunder Jet, Sishin and Simone are talking about who will conquer the entire galaxy. Then, they receive a news that the first assault troop of Kingdom of Ty is heading for the capital city of Go-Jo.

EPISODE #17. DEFEND NANKYO AT ALL RISK! Queen Massina sends a large fleet commanded by General Sion to Nankyo to secure her back. The fleet outnumbers Thunder Jet's fleet by 10! Our hero cunningly defeats Sion's fleet by a brilliant strategy of Sishin. In the mean time in Kingdom of Ren, King Racko is plotting to occupy Kingdom of Ty. It is a three-sided war between Kingdom of Go-Jo, Kingdom of Ty and Kingdom of Ren.

EPISODE #18. THUNDER JET VS. ONE-EYED DRAGON General Rogina has a hard fight against the troop of Kingdom of Ty closing in to the capital city. Thunder Jet ambushes the main fleet of Kingdom of Ty for Rogina to gain a time to restore her army. In the middle of battle, Queen Massina, alias, One-eyed Dragon, receives a report that her planet is under attack of the fleet of Kingdom of Ren. Queen Massina orders her fleet to retreat. Thunder Jet charges to Massina's commander ship straight on.

EPISODE #19. INVINCIBLE SPACE PIRATE Thunder Jet declares to destroy Garer to his soldiers. Sishin tells him it is necessary to increase the military power as quickly as possible. Sunluck suggests to win a space pirate Colin and his son, Cobin, over T.J.'s side. They have not been actually defeated by any fleet before. Thunder Jet and Sunluck visit the pirate and demand allegiance to T.J.. Cobin gets outraged but Colin talks down him to support T.J. Adding the strong space pirates under his command, the power of T.J. increases tremendously.

EPISODE #20. HAIRBREADTH ESCAPE FROM THE KILLERS Garer's brothers, Gasan and Gaten, tell Garer to demote Thunder Jet and his supporter, Rogina, out of fear of increasing power of T.J.. Garer trusts Rogina and turns down his brothers' idea. Gaten plots to assassinate T.J. and Rogina. He gives the post of General to T.J. and kill both jet and Rogina at the celebration party of Jet's promotion. Sishin knows Gaten's stratagem and ruins all his attempts. Rogina admires help and devotion of T.J.'s men. But, it will bring a new destiny to T.J. and Rogina.

EPISODE #21. A ROAD TO THE THRONE Lan-Lan meets an orphan boy, Lin-Sock in town and asks Sunluck to hire him to do chores. This boy will be second strategic adviser to T.J. soon. In the castle, Thunder Jet wants to know why Rogina ever tries to destroy Garer. Sishin explains the way Rogina lives—She is destined to live with Kingdom Go-Jo and will perish when the kingdom falls. T.J. is shocked by the pitiless destiny of Rogina.

EPISODE #22. HATE AND COMPROMISE Garer becomes the emperor of the Great Go-Jo. Thunder Jet has something to settle before he starts war against Garer. It is Simone. T.J. loves her but she cannot forgive him for her father's killing. He tells her to kill him if she wants. Simone starts giving out how she feels finally. She is in love with him, too. Then she tells T.J. what her father wanted—the peace of entire galaxy. T.J. promises to realize the peace some day.

EPISODE #23. THE GREAT FORTRESS ON FIRE. Thunder Jet sends a force to overthrow Garer, new emperor of Kingdom Go-Jo. The front fleet commanded by Cobin, the son of Colin the pirate, surround the first target, the great fortress of Gen-Bookan. The fortress has the gigantic cannon and It is too dangerous for Cobin's fleet to get closer. Emperor Garer orders his brother, Gasan, to destroy T.J. Sishin prepares a secret operation for the purpose of a short decisive battle. His idea is to plant the rocket engine on a huge meteor and clashes it to the fortress. His operation goes well and the fortress is destroyed. T.J. charges into Gasan's command ship and slashes him down.

EPISODE #24. ONE-MAN WAR Outraged of his brother's death, Garer orders revenge to General Butto. Butto sallies forth out of Boot City, commanding enormous 70 divisions. In the mean time, King Racko of Ren sends his force to Nankyo, Thunder Jet's headquarters. All T.J. can do is to defend his line against Butto's fleets. In Nankyo, Sunluck goes to meet King Racko and manages to obtain a truce from Racko. T.J. defeats Butto's fleets with a new weapon called " Thundering Cannon."

EPISODE #25. TASKEE'S MISSION IMPOSSIBLE Irritated by Thunder Jet's successive advance, Garer holds the meeting of military staff. Gaten has a dispute with an intelligent staff. Sishin, T.J.'s military strategist, tells Taskee and Munk to sneak into Boot City. Taskee makes up an incident showing Gaten is a traitor. The mission works beautifully and Garer puts Gaten in jail. Kingdom Go-Jo loses a good strategist.

EPISODE #26. ROGINA CHALLENGES THUNDER JET. Rogina reluctantly accepts Garer's request to subdue Thunder Jet. T.J. decides to fight her without the help of Sishin and other operation staff. Rogina assembles five great warriors called Five Tigers from their posts at the boundaries of Holy Empire. T.J. starts his battle against Rogina's fleet in the place called Sea of Seven suns. He has superiority at the beginning, but it is Rogina's strategy. When T.J.'s defensive line becomes less solid, Rogina's main force charges in at T.J.'s flagship, Kongo.

EPISODE #27. DECISIVE BATTLE IN BURNING INFERNO Attacked by Rogina's main force, Thunder Jet has to retreat. Lin-Sock, second adviser of T.J., diverts a comet in collision course to a sun nearby. The sun is activated instantly and Rogina's battleships are sucked by the devastating energy storm. T.J. orders his battleship all-out attack and Rogina calls for decisive charge to her remaining ships. The fatal confrontation of two warriors is coming to an end in the burning sea of deep space.

EPISODE #28. DUEL; THUNDER JET VS. ROGINA Thunder Jet grinds his ship into the troop under Rogina's direct command and crashes it to her ship. Duel of T.J. and Rogina sparks and Rogina is wound badly. She praises T.J.'s braveheart and success and jumps into the sun, saying "Realize your dream at all risk!"

EPISODE #29. FAREWELL ROGINA It is tremendous shock for Thunder Jet to destroy Rogina . Simone wants to console her and heads for T.J.'s ship. But, she is captured by a surveillance ship sent by Kingdom of Ren. Fortunately she is saved by Ashin, the brother of Sishin, who is disguised as a merchant. T.J. pulls himself together thanks to warm consolation of Simone and other friends.

EPISODE #30. AN EXPECTED WARSHIP Gen-Yee should have been assassinated by Garer, but he is still alive! He sallies forth with Kagan, his devoted follower on the ghost warship. Emperor Garer plans to attack T.J. on both sides with the remaining battleships of Five Tigers who fought under the command of Rogina. But, Gen-Yee appears and destroys all the ships of Five Tigers. T.J.'s strategist Sishin orders to concentrate all firing at Garer's flagship. Garer is forced to retreat after his ship has heavily damaged. Gen-Yee uses sorcery on Gaten, Garer's brother and revives him. What is he scheming?

EPISODE #31. FALL OF GARER Revived Gaten commands a fleet by himself and attacks Thunder Jet. He tries to destroy T.J. by a swift ambush but, in vain. Sishin's operation of "encircle and attack all side" smashes Gaten's fleet. T.J. chases Gaten to Sei-Oat City. T.J. marches on into the city and clashes with Garer himself. He corners Garer but fails to capture the emperor by desperate counterattack of Gaten. However, escaped Garer is killed by Gen-Yee soon after. T.J. wins the battle but he has no idea that his victory is brought by Gen-Yee.

EPISODE #32. ESCAPE FROM NANKYO! The fleet of King Racko, Kingdom of Ren, cruises to Nankyo, insisting the truce between Ren and T.J. has expired. Racko seizes Nankyo quickly and Racko's counselor, Cosishoo plans to demands T.J. to surrender by taking Reila and Simone as hostage. Sishin knew this scheme and had already ordered Sunluck to lead the ladies out of the castle. With timely help of Taskee and Munk, Sunluck have the ladies to get out of Nankyo, but, he is caught by the posse.

EPISODE #33. TAKE BACK NANKYO! Knowing that Sunluck is captured by King Racko's force, Ashin, Sishin's brother, plans to throw Racko's army out of Nankyo by pretending he collaborates with the king. Meanwhile, One-eyed Dragon, Queen Massina of Kingdom of Ty, begins invasion to Racko's planet. Racko needs fuel and ammunition to send the reinforcement to his mother planet. Ashin offers his assistance and set up explosives on every supply. The result is devastating to Racko's fleet. Most of the battleships are destroyed. When Sunluck is rescued, Racko's force are completely thrown out of Nankyo.

EPISODE #34. TRAP OF SPELLED DAGGER Thunder Jet and his followers come back to Boot City, the capital of Planet Go-Jo. It seems that T.J.'s dream is coming closer. Kagan, Gen-Yee's trusted follower, plots T.J's assassination. Disguised as an old woman, Kagan hands a spelled dagger to hypnotized Simone. Her plan is perfectly set up. But, T.J. is saved by Banyou, a wandering warrior, at the nick of time. T.J. thanks his help. Banyou does no take T.J.'s appreciation. Instead, he challenge a fight with T.J. He wants to gain fame by defeating T.J. The fight becomes indecisive and Banyou disappears, saying he will come back.

EPISODE # 35. AN AMBITIOUS WARRIOR. Although defeated and thrown out of Nankyo by Thunder Jet's force, King Racko succeeded to capture Kingdom of Ty by a resourceful plan. Racko is now the ruler of all Southern Region of Galaxy and begins aggression toward Kingdom of Go-Jo. In the capital of Go-Jo, Sishin asks T.J. to stay in the castle as he is now the emperor. But, T.J. insists to fight in front. Meanwhile, Ashin, Sishin's brother, is captured by Banyou. T.J. sallies forth on his command ship, "Kongo." He defeats Banyou in a man-to-man fight with Banyou and rescues Ashin. But, it is a bitter victory for T.J. as Banyou once saved his life.

EPISODE #36. A ROAD TO THE EMPEROR When Thunder Jet. comes back with Ashin to Boot City, Sishin prohibits T.J. from going out to battle any more. He fears to lose T.J. by an unexpected incident. In the mean time, King Racko wins battles one after another with his new battleship and swiftly marches on. T.J. orders Colin to gather information of this battleship. Cobin's fleet catches sight of the battleship in the meteor belt. Cobin is stunned of its gigantic size!

EPISODE #37. THE LAST BATTLE OF PIRATE-ADMIRAL Colin challenges King Racko's new battleship, "Imperial tiger," with various tactics in order to get the datum. He is blasted by the front cannon of Racko's ship. Thunder Jet feels responsible in Colin's death and wants to go fighting King Racko. But, Cobin, Colin's son, opposes T.J.'s sortie and volunteers to command the attack force. Racko's fleet continues to destroy Go-Jo's troops. T.J. is frustrated of worsening situation and forces Sishin to agree his command at the front.

EPISODE #38. CRASH! THUNDER JET VS. KING RACKO Thunder Jet cruises out on his flagship, "Kongo," and encounters Racko's "Imperial Tiger" soon after. Racko's battleship has superiority in size and fire power to T.J's ship. T.J. has a hard fight at the beginning, but, finally gives tremendous damage to Racko's ship with T.J.'s amazing fight technique and Sishin's good strategy. Badly struck, Racko is forced to retreat to his Kingdom. T.J.'s trusted friends and followers now realize that T.J. is born to fight and that he is destined to fight on until he becomes one and only ruler of the entire universe.

EPISODE #39. GEN-YEE'S PLOT. Thunder Jet's command ship, "Kongo," was heavily damaged in the battle of "Imperial Tiger and lay in the dock for repairing. Sorcerer Gen-Yee plans to sabotage repairing works. What he schemes is that Kingdom Gojo and Kingdom Ren fight each other on equal power and go down together. His assistant, Kagan, tries to explode the engine, but, Lan-Lan's sorcery prevents it. Gen-Yee, then, goes to the dock and attack T.J. to his surprise, T.J.'s strong spiritual power ejects Gen-Yee's sorcery.

EPISODE #40. RETURN OF MASSINA, ONE EYED DRAGON Drifting on his wounded battleship, "Imperial tiger," King Racko is confronted by Queen Massina (One-eyed Dragon) . Racko is prepared for death but Massina offers to escort him to Ren's capital planet if Racko agrees her fight against Thunder Jet. Massina is eager to defeat T.J. she wants to destroy him before Kingdom Go-Jo gains indestructible power. To unite all the galaxy under her banner, it is indispensable to get rid of him. Knowing Queen Massina's sortie, T.J. sets out on fully repaired "Kongo." The decisive battle of two old enemies is about to start.

EPISODE #41. T.J.'S WARSHIP EXPLODES! Queen Massina's strategy is to induce T.J.'s fleet into the dark zone where no light and no radar can reach. Sishin, T.J.'s advisor, figures out her plan and send all the battleships to the point Massina prepares to ambush. It is scuffle in the dark space. T.J.'s ship is heavily damaged, losing all firing power and One-eyed Dragon, Massina, loses all her battleships except her own command ship. T.J. hurls his ship to Massina's and jumps into it. He wins over One-eyed Dragon after fierce duel. Queen Massina ends her life, asking T.J. to look after her young brother and subdue the turmoil of galaxy.

EPISODE #42. THE OATH OF TRAMAROON Tramaroon, brother of Queen Massina, wishes if he could revenge Thunder Jet on her death. Kagan approaches him, offering her help to destroy T.J. Kagan knew T.J. is the greatest menace to her master, Gen-Yee. Kagan arranges the way Tramaroon can sneak into T.J.'s bedroom at night. Tramaroon poises his sword at T.J., but he is ashamed his cowardliness and challenges duel to T.J, knowing it is impossible to win. Defeated, Tramaroon decides to kill himself. T.J. tell him his people still need a good leader. Tramaroon agrees to make peace treaty with Kingdom Go-Jo.

EPISODE #43. SIMONE'S DREAM The tremendous tension is till going on between Kingdom Go-Jo and Kingdom Ren. Simone thinks the permanent peace might be established if she could sets up a meeting of Thunder Jet and King Racko. So, she heads for Kingdom of Ren in the Southern Region. Her ship is shoot down by the defense fleet. Although Simone escaped narrowly from the wrecked ship, she is captured as a spy. Simone's hope and eagerness of peace touches Racko's heart. He promises to have a provisional meeting of peace treaty and sends her back to Kingdom of Gojo.

EPISODE #44. PEACE TALK Thunder Jet and King Racko is to have peace talk on a planet in the distant frontier. Kagan tricks Racko's fiancee to sabotage this talk. The tension of both Kingdoms' fleets becomes almost blown up. Simone rushes to meet the fiancee and dispels misunderstanding. But, the peace talk is canceled. Kagan rots away after her sorcery power is sucked by Gen-Yee. Gen-Yee swears to destroy T.J. on his own.

EPISODE #45. CALM BEFORE A STORM. The galaxy is temporarily calm under three rulers; Thunder Jet of Kingdom Go-Jo, Racko of Kingdom Ren and Tramaroon of Kingdom of Ty which still exists but has been diminished after Racko's invasion. T.J. gets married with Simone. Reila loses T.J. and Sishin is hear-broken as he was in love with Simone secretly. Then, in Kingdom of Ren, rebellion of the generals insisting to destroy Thunder Jet breaks out. They are marionetted by Gene-Yee who plans to push Racko back into a war. Racko manages to subdue the rebellion, but, not the entire dispute. Simone worries the situation in Kingdom Ren.

EPISODE #46. PROLOGUE OF ALL-OUT WAR. Kingdom of Ren is in the crisis of falling down because of incessant rebellions. Cosishoo, the chief strategist of King Racko, advises King to set out for a war against Kingdom of Go-Jo so that the nation can be reunited under the sole interest. Racko has only to accept it. Hearing Ren's situation, Thunder Jet orders to prepare for a war. He decides to leave Vice Admiral Mokack and Sunluck to guard Simone. T.J. intends to settle down everything in this battle. To unite the entire galaxy—the decisive battle of great warriors is about to begin.

EPISODE #47. SISHIN LOSE A BATTLE! Cosishoo has a secret plan to destroy all the battleships of Kingdom go-Jo. Sishin, Thunder Jet's No.1 strategist, thinks to win this battle is to sink Racko's ship, "Imperial tiger." The ship appears in front of T.J.'s fleet as if it invite T.J.'s attack. Sishin is stunned when he find not one, but three "Imperial Tigers." T.J.'s fleet is losing battleships one after another under the hellish firing of three gigantic warships. Sishin uses all the remaining battleships as 'bates' and succeeds to smash two "Imperial Tigers." But, T.J. loses most of force in this battle.

EPISODE #48. MERCILESS BOMBARD King Racko decides to chase Thunder Jet's ship, "Kongo." One of his general, Teiho, requests an attack to Boot city, the capital of Planet Go-Jo. Racko asks to avoid unnecessary bloodshed, but Teiho washes Boot City with indiscriminate bombing. Teiho is controlled by Gen-Yee's sorcery. Mokack and then Sunluck are blown by bombing. Simone loses her life, too. T.J. has no idea what happened in his capital city.

EPISODE #49. TRUE IDENTITY OF GEN-YEE Narrowly getting out of the city on fire, Friar Munk tells the death of Simone and others. Thunder Jet retires to his room and wails bitterly. Then, Gen-Yee appears to capture the soul of distressed T.J. The true identity of Gen-Yee is the spiritual life form drifting in the universe. It devours the hatred of human heart for living. T.J.'s mental energy is too strong for Gen-Yee to overcome. The sorcerer loses his own energy and disappears.

EPISODE #50. FOR LOVE AND FRIENDSHIP Damaged in the battle of "Imperial Tiger," Thunder Jet's ship, "Kongo" is wandering in the frontier of galaxy. Resourceful Sishin calls for help of merchant fleet and repairs the ship at an amazing speed. The battleship is ready but the commander's heart is far from it. Then, Simone appears in his mind and encourages him to fight on until he attains to his dream. T.J. realizes he has nothing to lose. Better fight than just lamenting. T.J. orders his fleet to cruise out.

EPISODE #51. BATTLE AT TWIN PLANETS. Sishin chooses to ambush Racko's fleet at Twin Planets in the Untouchable Zone. The Untouchable Zone is the unstable area with high electro-magnetic fields and strong energy storms. Cosishoo plans to give surprise attack from between Twin Planets. Sishin sees through it and orders to shoot Twin Planets with hyper energy blasts. Twin Planets explode and Racko's battleships are drawn into the swelling explosion, leaving only Racko's "Imperial Tiger" and Cosishoo's ship. T.J. fires at "Imperial Tiger." Cosishoo leaps in front of Racko. He sacrifices his ship and himself to save King Racko.

EPISODE #52. BEYOND THE ENDLESS DREAM. Thunder Jet vs. Racko. The war of two heroes is going into the final showdown. Thunder Jet charges and Racko roars forward. T.J.'s ship crashes to Racko's and T.J. jumps into Racko's ship. Sishin watches a man-to-man battle of two breavehearts. The duel is going on. To peruse the endless dream ... To realize the world without war ... To sacrifice themselves for the peace. Fight of two heroes is going on ...

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