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Ginger Gilmour
Gilmour in 1971 2014-02-23 15-00.jpg
Gilmour in 1974
Born Virginia Hasenbein
(1949-01-19)19 January 1949 (age 65)
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA
Residence Yapton, Arundel, West Sussex, England
Nationality American
Occupation Artist, Former Model
Spouse(s) David Gilmour (divorced in 1990)

Ginger Gilmour, (born Virginia Hasenbein in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA) is an artist[1] and former model,[2] and the first wife of Pink Floyd guitarist David Gilmour.

Personal life[edit]

From 1962–1966 Ginger studied at Wayne High School, Wayne, Michigan, and graduated Cum Laude.[3] She then undertook a two-year foundation course in Chemical Engineering and Art at Michigan State University.[3]

She met David Gilmour in Ann Arbor, Michigan in October 1971, while accompanying her then boyfriend backstage at a Pink Floyd concert.[4] She described their meeting as "love at first sight"[4] and they married on 7 July 1975[1][4] with the wedding reception held at Abbey Road Studios. She had four children with him:[4] Alice (born 1976), Clare (born 1979), Sara (born 1983, a fashion stylist[5]), and Matthew (born 1986). The children originally attended a Waldorf School.[6]

Ginger is depicted on the inner sleeve of his 1978 eponymous first solo album. They separated during Pink Floyd's 1987-89 world tour.


Gilmour studied for eight years with the English artist Cecil Collins.[1] She now works from her 15th-century farmhouse[4] near Yapton, West Sussex,[7] where she has created several studios.[4] A recurring theme in her work is angels.[4] She also teaches art,[4] and a form of esoteric healing called 'Mental Colour Healing'.

Her work has been exhibited in a number of galleries and other venues,[8] including[8] Mall Galleries, London, Arundel Castle and the German Embassy in London. She has also worked in partnership with California-based artists Dana Lynne Anderson and Annie Harrison under the 'Renowned Artist' brand.[9]

She has been commissioned to produce work for gardens at the Hampton Court Flower Show and BBC Gardeners' World.[8][10] and has illustrated books by Phil Murray.[8]

As of July 2011, her 11-foot sculpture inspired by the Olympic Games is installed at Heathrow Airport's Terminal 5.[11]

She is a member of the Society of Women Artists[4] and in June 2007 received a British Red Cross Award for 'Services to Humanity'.[8][12]

She provided a painting on a Carparelli Acoustic Bass guitar for War Child, which was auctioned off alongside 15 others including one from Iggy Pop.


Books illustrated by Gilmour:

  • Murray, Phil (1 August 1994). Before the Beginning is a Thought: True Basics of Real Success Through Natural Philosophy. Perfect Words & Music Ltd. ISBN 978-1-898716-10-5. 


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