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Location of the electorate in the Canberra region

The Ginninderra electorate is one of the three electorates for the unicameral 17-member Australian Capital Territory Legislative Assembly. It elects five members, and is the smallest of the electorates in geographic area.


It was created in 1995, when the three-electorate, Hare-Clark electoral system was first introduced for the Australian Capital Territory (ACT). Prior to 1995, a multi-member single constituency existed for the whole of the ACT. The name "Ginninderra" is derived from an Aboriginal word meaning "sparkling like the stars". It is the name given to the creek that flows through the middle of Belconnen, which was dammed to form Lake Ginninderra, the lake on which the Belconnen Town Centre is sited.[1]


The Ginninderra electorate comprises the districts of Belconnen (suburbs such as Dunlop, Hawker, Page and Scullin) and Hall (including the entire village of Hall) and the Gungahlin suburb of Nicholls. Its south-western boundary is the Molonglo River and a small part of the Murrumbidgee River.


Year Member Party Member Party Member Party Member Party Member Party
1995   Wayne Berry Labor   Roberta McRae Labor   Harold Hird Liberal   Bill Stefaniak Liberal   Lucy Horodny Greens
1998   Jon Stanhope Labor   Dave Rugendyke Independent
2001   Vicki Dunne Liberal   Roslyn Dundas Democrats
2004   Mary Porter Labor
2008   Meredith Hunter Greens   Alistair Coe Liberal
20111   Chris Bourke Labor
2012   Yvette Berry Labor
1 Jon Stanhope (Labor) resigned from the Assembly on 16 May 2011. Chris Bourke (Labor) was elected as his replacement on a countback on 30 May 2011.[2]

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