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George Perris
George Perris
Background information
Born (1983-08-24) August 24, 1983 (age 31)
Origin Greece
Genres Adult contemporary, Pop, Jazz
Occupation(s) Singer, Lyricist, Composer, Pianist
Instruments Piano
Labels EMI (2004-2006)
Sony Music (2007-2010)
Heaven (2012-present)
Select (2012-present)
Decca Records (2014-present)
Universal Records (2014-present)
Website Official Website
Official Facebook Page

George Perris (Greek: Γιώργος Περρής) (born in Athens, Greece, August 24, 1983) is an international pop singer with classical training of Greek and French origin. He is multilingual, singing in Greek, French, English, and Spanish and is fluent in all four languages. He has studied the piano for 11 years. In addition to performing, he writes lyrics and composes music to some of his songs.


Perris' performing career began at the age of 18, when he was invited to tour with composer Mimis Plessas. He was featured on Plessas' 2006 album Mimis Plessas and the Jazz Quartet Live. His first solo album, Kainouria mou mera (My new day) was released in 2005 by EMI and included the hit songs "Pezi o erotas" which was the theme song from the TV series "Erotas" as well as "Karavani" which was included in a compilation created by Radio Française.

The following year he toured with acclaimed Greek tenor Mario Frangoulis. Frangoulis invited him back for his "Mario & Friends" performance series at the Athens Arena where he appeared on stage with international artists such as Lucio Dalla, Justin Hayward, Madeleine Peyroux, Lara Fabian and Frances Ruffelle. As a result, 2 live albums were released in 2008 and 2009, Mario & Friends 1 and Mario & Friends 2 which were both certified platinum album. In April 2008, Perris also released his second studio album Pairno anasa with Sony Music. The album featured Stis gis tin akri, a duet with Mario Frangoulis. He wrote and composed almost half of the songs on that record. Perris continued touring in 2009, performing in Greece, Cyprus and Turkey.

In 2009, international diva Lara Fabian invited him to open some concerts of her 2009 European tour, including 2 sold out performances at the Zénith de Paris.[1][2] During the same year, he also performed in Boston, as a guest of the Greek Institute, and also in St. Petersburg, Russia and London with the Oxford Philomusica.

In 2010, Perris performed again in the USA as part of Frangoulis' "Light of Greece" tour,[3] performing concerts in Chicago, Boston and New York. He also traveled to Canada, as a guest of Stephan Moccio, performing at the Place des Arts in Montreal. Perris appeared in a 2010 production of Mikis Theodorakis' adaptation of March of the Spirit (poetry: Angelos Sikelianos). This show was performed in both Greece and Turkey, as part of an attempt to improve international relations between the two countries.

In 2011, Perris was invited by Stephan Moccio to participate in a concert in Toronto, Canada. He also performed with soprano Deborah Myers in Athens.[4][5][6][7] This concert was broadcast on national television. In the summer, Perris toured with Mario Frangoulis in Turkey and a few months later he took part in a tribute concert to Mimis Plessas. He also recorded the a cappella single “Humana” adapted by Women of the World which was released the same year.

In the Spring of 2012, he released his third studio album Un Souhait in Canada. The album included 11 new songs in French, composed for him by some of the most acclaimed French-speaking songwriters as well as Ma Solitude, a duet with Lara Fabian.[8][9]

In June, he shared the stage with Mario Frangoulis, Hayley Westenra and Alkistis Protopsalti at the Boston Symphony Hall with the Boston Pops Orchestra under the baton of Keith Lockhart.[10] The same concert was performed in Athens, Greece at the Herod Atticus Theatre.[11][12]

In October of the same year, he performed with the St. Louis Symphony Orchestra conducted by Robert Baker.

The release of the “Un souhait” album earlier in 2012 in Canada led to the Un Souhait Tour presented by the Horatio Alger Association for whom Perris serves as an International Ambassador. The last show of the tour was filmed and released on the Live à Montréal DVD exclusively on his website.[13][14]

In December, George Perris returned to Greece and released a new “Live” album produced by Alkistis Protopsalti. The album included various Greek, French and English classics that Perris had performed live over the last 2 years.[15][16][17][18][19][20][21][22][23][24][25][26][27][28] [29]

In 2013 Perris toured extensively with Alkistis Protopsalti in Greece and Cyprus as well as performing in Montreal, Canada and Pasadena, California. He spent most of 2013 recording his new English album. In November, he released I will wait for you/Les Parapluies de Cherbourg, the first song from this album for free.[30]

In January 2014 George Perris traveled to New York for his debut performance as an international ambassador of Horatio Alger Association at Jazz at Lincoln Center.This show titled ‘George Perris Live at Jazz at Lincoln Center’ was broadcast in spring 2014 on American cable networks, and released as the DVD titled "Live in New York" on August 15, 2014, in Australia.[31][32][33][34][35][36] In addition in May of the same year he released his debut English language album titled "Picture This" which includes the participation of the Prague Symphony Orchestra, in the United States and Canada, and was released August 8, 2014, in Australia.[37][38][39]

In May, 2014, George Perris signed an exclusive international recording deal with Decca Records and Universal Music in Australia.[39]

In autumn he joined Tina Arena on her Reset tour of Australia.[40][41] In addition, George along with Mario Frangoulis performed at Bangkok's 16th International Festival of Dance and Music in October. They also gave two concerts in Turkey.[42][43] [44] [45] [46] [47]

On November 17, 2014 George Perris performed the American National Anthem at Madison Square Garden at the New York Knicks and Washington Wizards Game. [48] [49] [50]


Year Title Type Company
2005 Me mia mihani Single EMI
2005 Kainouria mou mera Studio album EMI
2008 Pairno anasa Studio album Sony Music
2009 Paradosou Promo-single Sony Music
2012 Un souhait / Cast A Spell Single Productions EM
2012 Un Souhait Studio album Productions EM
2012 I koupasti Single Heaven Music
2012 Live Live album Heaven Music
2013 Live à Montréal DVD Productions EM & Destin Productions
2014 Picture This Studio album Destin Productions Limited
2014 Picture This Studio album Decca Records Universal Records (Australia)
2014 Live in New York DVD Decca Records Universal Records (Australia)

Guest appearances[edit]

Year Title Artist Company
2005 Mimis Plessas and the Jazz Quartet (Live) Mimis Plessas Universal Music
2008 Mario and Friends 1... What a Wonderful World Mario Frangoulis Sony Music
2009 Mario and Friends 2... It Makes the World Go Round Mario Frangoulis Sony Music
2010 To ftero tou drakou Various artists Mikri Arktos
2011 Mario My best of Frangoulis Mario Frangoulis Sony Music
2014 Superstar Christmas Various artists Universal Music Australia Pty Ltd


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