Giovanni Andrea Doria

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Giovanni Andrea Doria

Giovanni Andrea Doria, also Gianandrea Doria (1539–1606), was an Italian admiral from Genoa. He was the son of Giannettino Doria, and the father of Cardinal Giovanni Doria. He became the Admiral of the Genoese Fleet in 1556 and commanded the combined Christian fleet of the Holy League at the Battle of Djerba in 1560, which was won by the Ottoman Turks under the command of Piyale Pasha. He also participated in the Battle of Lepanto in 1571, commanding the right wing; the battle was won by the Christian forces and signaled the first ever defeat of the Ottoman Turks at sea. Doria also led an expedition against the Barbary states in 1601.

He was a knight commander of the Order of Santiago, Marquis of Tursi and 6th (or 2nd) Prince of Melfi (both titles inherited from his relation and adoptive father, the famed Genoese admiral Andrea Doria).

Marriage and children[edit]

He married in 1558 with Zenobia del Carretto (1540-1590) and had

  • Vittoria Doria (1569-1618), married Ferrante II Gonzaga, Duke of Guastalla, had issue
  • Andrea II Doria (1570-1629), 3rd prince of Melfi, married Giovanna Colonna and had issue
  • Artemisa Doria (1574-1644), married Carlos Francisco de Borgia 7th Duke of Gandia, had issue
  • Carlo Doria (1576-1650), duke of Tursi, married Placidia Spinola, had issue


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