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Giovanni Antonio Pandolfi Mealli (Montepulciano, Tuscany, c. 1630 – Madrid, c. 1669/1670) was an Italian composer and violinist.

Little is known of Pandolfi Mealli. The annals of the court of Ferdinand Charles, Archduke of Austria in Innsbruck record that he was employed at the court in 1660.[citation needed] Baroque violinist Enrico Gatti reports that Pandolfi Mealli murdered castrato Giovanni Marquett in Messina during an argument in the Duomo, after which he fled first to France and then Spain, where he was employed in the Royal Chapel.[1] Of his works, only two collections of sonatas for violin and harpsichord (Op. 3 and Op. 4) have survived, published in 1660; they are at the Civic Museum of Bologna.


Opus 3 (survives)
no. 1 : La Stella
no. 2 : La Cesta
no. 3 : La Melana
no. 4 : La Castella
no. 5 : La Clemente
no. 6 : La Sabbatina
Opus 4 (survives)
no. 1 : La Bernabea
no. 2 : La Viuviana
no. 3 : La Monella Romanesca
no. 4 : La Biancuccia
no. 5 : La Stella
no. 6 : La Vinciolina


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