Girls Professional Baseball League

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Girls Professional Baseball League
Sport Baseball
Founded 2010
CEO Satoshi Katagiri
No. of teams 4
Country Japan
Most recent champion(s) Osaka Brabee Honeys
Most titles Hyogo Swing Smileys (2)
Official website JWBL japanese

Japan Women's Baseball League or JWBL is the highest level of women's baseball in Japan. By 2012, it was called Girls Professional Baseball League or GPBL.


Team The participation year Location Former Name Team color
West Flora 2010 - West Japan Kyoto Asto Dreams
South Dione 2010 - South Japan Hyogo Swing Smileys
East Astraia 2013 - East Japan None
North Reia 2012 - North Japan Osaka Brabee Honeys

Team Participation Team Team color
All West Japan West Flora, South Dione
All East Japan East Astraia, North Reia

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