Girls of the Wild's

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Girls of the Wild's
Girls of the Wild's Cover Image
Cover of Girls of the Wild's volume 1 featuring Queen
소녀 더 와일즈
Genre Action
Author Hun
Illustrator Zhena (Kim Hye-jin)[1][2]
Publisher Bohai
English publisher LINE
Magazine Naver
Original run 2011
Collected volumes 1 (print)

Girls of the Wild's (Korean: 소녀 더 와일즈?) is a Korean manhwa series written by Hun and illustrated by Zhena(Kim Hye-jin). Started on August 7, 2011, this webtoon was released on Naver[3] and is still publishing. The print release of the first volume of Girls of the Wild's was released in November 9, 2012. As of January 13, 2015, 171 chapters of Girls of the Wild's have been published.


Jaegu Song, who lives with his two kindergarten-aged siblings, enrolls in the nearby Wild's High School on scholarship, but discovers that he is the only male student in the formerly all-girls institution, which is highly regarded for its nationwide domination in the martial arts. The school aspires to teach its female populace how to act more maidenly by going co-ed. It is famous for hosting Wild's League, a fighting tournament.


Main characters[edit]

Jaegu Song (송재구)

Jaegu is the main protagonist of the series, the sole male student in Wild's High after it became a co-ed institution.[4] After his father died, he was abandoned by his mother, leaving him to raise his younger twin siblings by himself, and leading him to fear and to despise women, especially strong ones.[5] Although he is able to attend Wild's High because of a scholarship, he works part-time at a carwash. After being forced to become stronger to help his family and to survive at the school, he picks up boxing and trains for the Wild's League preliminaries. He is also able to take a hit quite well since he has been bullied.

In-gi "Queen" Yoon (윤인기)

Known primarily as Queen, Ingui is the heroine in the series, an S-Class ranked second-year student and the current Wild's League champion. She is a mixed martial artist, proficient in nearly every form of martial arts, where she helps spar with each of the school clubs. Her initial encounter with Jaegu leads to misunderstanding, due to a bad experience with a boy in her childhood. She nevertheless quickly develops feelings for Jaegu, who does not fawn over her like everyone else.

Moonyoung Lee (이문영)

Moonyoung is an S-Class ranked second-year student and Queen's best friend. She is president of the boxing club, classified as a welterweight, and typically wears a red tracksuit. She has a rivalry with Daldal Choi.[5]

Daldal Choi (최달달)

Daldal is an S-Class ranked second year student and the captain of the Taekwondo club.[4] She has a friendly rivalry with Moonyoung over martial arts, and cherishes Jaegu as a chance to advance her feminine reputation. She is described as "cute, adorable and sweet" with a petite figure and "cherry lips" that many boys want to kiss. She wears tiger ears as the author was into tigers when he came up with the character.[5]

Supporting characters[edit]

Hyeshin Kim (김혜신)

A rival of Queen. She was the kickboxing champion for two years and was undefeated for ten years before losing to Queen in the prologue match.[6]

Charles Wilds

The president of the board at Wild's High. He approves of the institution going co-ed, with hopes that introducing boys to the school will help the girls develop an appreciation for their feminine sides.[4]

Palbong Lee (이팔봉)

Principal of Wild's High.[4]

Goseul Lee (이고슬)

A first-year student who wears glasses. She is adept at fighting without weapons, specializing in Wushu


Girls of the Wild's was selected for its international popularity as one of the Naver webtoons to be published on their foreign language service, LINE Webtoons.[7]


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